The Book of Boston: Fifty Years' Recollections of the New England Metropolis

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Book of Boston Company, 1916 - Boston (Mass.) - 534 pages
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Page 384 - aid or consent to the same. You shall delay no man for lucre or malice, but you shall use yourself in the office of an attorney within the Court to the best of your learning and discretion, and with all good fidelity as well to the Courts as to your clients.
Page 23 - the Earl of Strafford being beheaded, and the archbishop (our great enemy) and many others of the great officers and judges, bishops and others, imprisoned and called to account, this caused all men to stay in England in expectation of a new world; so as few coming to us, all foreign commodities grew scarce and our own of no price.
Page 384 - consent to any to be done in the Court, and if you know of any to be done you shall give knowledge thereof to the justices of the Court, or some of them, that it may be reformed. You shall not wittingly or willingly promote, sue, or procure to be sued, any false or unlawful suit nor
Page 17 - 1630] The Governour, upon consideration of the inconveniences which had grown in England by drinking one to another, restrained it at his own table, and wished others to do the like, so as it grew, by little and little, into disuse.
Page 18 - choice. So at the place where the Deputy's land was to begin there were two great stones which they called the Two Brothers in remembrance that they were brothers by their children's marriage and did so brotherly agree, and for that a little creek near those stones was to
Page 27 - dislike that men or women of meane condition, educations, and callinges should take uppon them the garbe of gentlemen, by the wearinge of gold or silver lace, or buttons, or points at their knees, to walke in greate bootes; or women of the same ranke to wear silke or tiffany hoodes or scarfes, which though allowable to persons of greater
Page 31 - the Town, their Cannon loaded, a Spring on their Cables as for a regular Siege. At noon on Saturday, October the 1st, the fourteenth and twentyninth Regiments, a detachment from the 59th Regt. and Train of Artillery with two pieces of Cannon, landed on the Long Wharf,
Page 100 - to ascertain the practicability of making a canal from Boston Harbor to Connecticut River," and "of extending the same to some point on the Hudson River in the State of New York in the vicinity of the junction of the Erie Canal with that River.
Page 16 - About 2 in the morning Mr. Isaac Johnson died; his wife the Lady Arbella of the house of Lincoln, being dead about i month before. He was a holy man and wise, and died in sweet peace, leaving some
Page 227 - failed, in the Legislature of 1860. Then Professor Rogers outlined to the Committee a definite plan for the formation of an Institute of Technology having "the triple organization of the Society of Arts, a Museum or Conservatory of Arts, and a School of Industrial Science and Art.

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