The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, Volume 2

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Ticknor and Fields, 1864
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Every now and then, disillusioned by modern literature, I return to Dickens. I have just read "Our Mutual Friend" Dickens wonderful word pictures of people, every character vivid and believable is far beyond anyone writing today. Read full review

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Page 79 - Before the bill had been in the parlour window three days — three days, gentlemen — a being, erect upon two legs, and bearing all the outward semblance of a man, and not of a monster, knocked at the door of Mrs. Bardell's house. He inquired within — he took the lodgings; and on the very next day he entered into possession of them. This man was Pickwick — Pickwick, the defendant.
Page 82 - And what does this allusion to the " slow coach " mean ? For aught I know, it may be a reference to Pickwick himself, who has most unquestionably been a criminally slow coach during the whole of this transaction, but whose speed will now be very unexpectedly accelerated, and whose wheels, gentlemen, as he will find to his cost, will very soon be greased by you ! But enough of this, gentlemen.
Page 93 - Yes, I have a pair of eyes,' replied Sam, 'and that's just it. If they wos a pair o' patent double million magnifyin' gas microscopes of hextra power, p'raps I might be able to see through a flight of stairs, and a deal door; but bein' only eyes, you see, my wision's limited.
Page 92 - Oh, quite enough to get, sir, as the soldier said ven they ordered him three hundred and fifty lashes," replied Sam. "You must not tell us what the soldier, or any other man, said, sir," interposed the judge ; " it's not evidence." " Wery good, my lord,
Page 82 - Gentlemen, what does this mean ? Chops and Tomata sauce. Yours, Pickwick ! Chops! Gracious heavens! and Tomata sauce ! Gentlemen, is the happiness of a sensitive and confiding female to be trifled away, by such shallow artifices as these ? The next has no date whatever, which is in itself suspicious. 'Dear Mrs. В., I shall not be at home till to-morrow. Slow coach.
Page 82 - Why is Mrs. Bardell so earnestly entreated not to agitate herself about this warming-pan, unless (as is no doubt the case) it is a mere cover for hidden fire, a mere substitute for some endearing word or promise, agreeably to a preconcerted system of correspondence, artfully contrived by Pickwick with a view to his contemplated desertion, and which I am not in a condition to explain?
Page 60 - interposed his father. " No, no," replied Sam. "Wery glad to hear it," said Mr. Weller. " Poetry 's unnat'ral ; no man ever talked poetry 'cept a beadle on boxin...
Page 20 - ... himself as often; and at last took another run, and went slowly and gravely down the slide, with his feet about a yard and a quarter apart, amidst the gratified shouts of all the spectators.
Page 84 - I walked in, gentlemen, just to say good mornin', and went, in a permiscuous manner, up-stairs, and into the back room. Gentlemen, there was the sound of voices in the front room, and ' 'And you listened, I believe, Mrs. Cluppins?' said Serjeant Buzfuz. 'Beggin' your pardon, sir,' replied Mrs. Cluppins, in a majestic manner, 'I would scorn the haction. The voices was very loud, sir, and forced themselves upon my ear.
Page 79 - I look for protection, for assistance, for comfort, and for consolation; in single gentlemen I shall perpetually see something to remind me of what Mr. Bardell was when he first won my young and untried affections; to a single gentleman, then, shall my lodgings be let.

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