Osho Rajaneesh and His Disciples: Some Western Perceptions

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Harry Aveling
Motilal Banarsidass Publ., 1999 - Biography & Autobiography - 441 pages
Osho Never Born Never Died. Only visited this Planet Earth between December 11, 1931-Janurary 19, 1990. As this final inscription suggests, Osho Rajneesh was a paradox: an individual with no claims to being an individual a Master with thousands of disciples who refused to be a Master. He has variously been seen as the god that failed ,the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ and the Buddha for the future .This book brings together some of the best short writings in English on Osho and neo-Sannyasa. Some of the pieces are celebratory, some inquisitive but uncommitted, some scholarly, and some frankly sceptical. The book is divided into four parts, dealing with Osho himself, his Community, Meditation and Therapy, and the Decline and Renewal of his movement, with a postscript on the present commune. Together the papers provide a full picture of a complex man and a vibrant, if turbulent, religious movement.

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Chapter 5 was a well written account by the man who influenced my visit to poona...The rest of the book i would not bother with...The author is a skewed pundit of his narcissistic analysis and Indian conditioning....misses completely the essence of Osho...

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The object of this book is to attack Osho and translate his actions using the DSM book accusing him mostly as a Narcissist. 1. Some point are somewhat valid. (However, Don't you think most people can be accused of being a little narcissist at times?)
2. Since the whole book is about disorders, the author finds no way to relate anything to himself,
3. This dull minded author seems to be a little curious of the experience of enlightenment himself. Belittling Osho's enlightenment as again something classified in the DSM book yet not knowing fully what he's talking about. He truly stumbles there, I will give you an example. " 'A tremendous power arouse as if I could do anything' Osho says. Rather than egolessness, we find here an intoxicating sense of unlimited power and possessiveness - a hallmark of pathological narcissism. "
First of all , this whole book is pathological, can't you see?? So many pages on just one man? Osho's expression of words doesnt mean it's all narcistici, if you have such an eperience there is no way to word it, yet so many words come from it for the rest of your life that all you want to do is talk about it.
Anyway, the author's experience in his presence doesn't justify what he write in this book. Perhaps this author had a jealousy disorder, along with dullness from getting a PHD on just one subject, along with no idea about enlightnement and the experience, caused him to write this book. Trying to figure Osho out will certainly drive you crazy, he can be viewed from so many different angles, there is no absolute conclusion you can draw on this man, yet the author is a little more one sided. His intentnions are plain, perhaps he was a catholic at heart...I don't know and don't care. Just enjoy it, deciefer yourself what's wrong and what's right. I don't think Osho was right all the time either, I wouldn't have want to be in his place yet I have tremendous respect for this man, and its not because he had a narcasistic disorder, there is waaaaay more to it than that if you can see it.
4. There are many people who "fell under his spell", I'm sure Osho was aware, and used it to his advantage. I don't see him as a Saint, and he had said that many times. He'd rather be in hell than heaven. People, if they wanted to have been with a Saint who won't do anythhing wrong to people, should've got the warning. It took one person a knife in her hand about to kill the physician to realize that she had been deceiving herself about the whole thing. She got back with her family and moved on. If you were part of the movement you might've been used. However, this movement is strong today as his words continue to pierce through the old patterns. Its a true paradigm change that this man has set forth.

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