The Surgeon Generals of the Army of the United States of America: A Series of Biographical Sketches of the Senior Officers of the Military Medical Service from the American Revolution to the Philippine Pacification

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Association of military surgeons, 1905 - Physicians - 114 pages
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Page 47 - June, 1882, when he was graduated to the College of the City of New York, from which he was graduated with the degree of...
Page xiii - I immediately secured the woman ; but for a long time she was proof against every threat and persuasion to discover the author. However, at length she was brought to a confession, and named Dr. Church. I then immediately secured him and all his papers. Upon his first examination, he readily acknowledged the letter, said it was designed for his brother Fleming, and, when deciphered, would be found to contain nothing criminal.
Page xiv - Congress ultimately resolved that he should be confined in some secure jail in Connecticut, without the use of pen, ink, or paper ; and that no person be allowed to converse with him, except in the presence and hearing of a magistrate or the sheriff of the county.
Page xiii - She then gave him a letter, with a strict charge to deliver it to either of those gentlemen. He, suspecting some improper correspondence, kept the letter, and after some time opened it ; but, not being able to read it, laid it up, where it remained until he received an obscure letter from the woman, expressing an anxiety after the original letter. He then communicated the whole matter to Mr. Ward, who sent him up with the papers to me. I immediately secured the woman ; but for a long time she was...
Page xiv - ... not being sent, he had communicated no intelligence ; that there was nothing in the letter but notorious facts ; that his exaggerations of the American force could only be designed to favor the cause of his country ; and that his object was purely patriotic. He added: "The warmest bosom here does not flame with a brighter zeal for the security, happiness, and liberties of America, than mine.
Page 36 - ... approved June 30, 1834; and that the officers whose appointment is authorized by this section, shall receive the pay and allowances of officers of the same grades respectively; and that the rank of the officers of the medical department of the army shall be arranged upon the same basis which at present determines the amount of their pay and emoluments: Provided, That the medical officers shall not in virtue of such rank be entitled to command in the line or other staff departments of the army.
Page 23 - To my compatriot in arms, and old and intimate friend, Dr. Craik, I give my bureau (or, as the cabinet-makers call it, tambour secretary) and the circular chair, an appendage of my study.
Page 15 - I think highly deserving of notice, not only on account of his abilities, but for the very great assistance which he has afforded in the course of this winter, merely in the nature of a volunteer.
Page 52 - ... inflicted by the new missiles of war. . . . " But the great central want of the system, which, if left unsupplied, all the other improvements suggested by the surgeon-general would have proved of little value, was the want of proper hospital buildings. Fortunately for the completion of the circle of his plans, the necessary cooperation of those officers of the Government outside of the Medical Department who were charged with the erection of hospitals, was at last obtained, and a large number...

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