Initiation and Its Results: A Sequel to "The Way of Initiation"

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Occult, 1910 - Theosophy - 180 pages
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Page 135 - ... This is the change which the occult student observes coming over himself — that there is no longer a connection between a thought and a feeling or a feeling and a volition, except when he creates the connection himself. No impulse drives him from thought to action if he does not voluntarily harbour it. He can now stand completely without feeling before an object which, before his training, would have filled him with glowing love or violent hatred; he can likewise remain actionless before a...
Page 188 - Cltromopathy, ia also fully dealt with. This is unquestionably the complet'est exposition of this fascinating subject ever offered to the public at a nominal price. lecture 1 — Deals with Fundamental Statements; Defines the Human Aura In Contradistinction to Personal Magnetism; The Human Aura Classified; How to Develop and Utilize a good and powerful Aura; Oval and Visual Treatment by Suggestion; The Successful Telepathist; The Practice of Mental Telephony; How Thoughts are Transmitted; Absent...
Page 183 - German mystics, and adds to their profound spirituality the fine lucidity of a philosophic mind.
Page 188 - Interpretations; The Philosophy of Color and its Significance; The Higher Octaves of Color; The Therapeutic Effects of Color Definitely Elucidated; The Seven Prismatic Hues and their connection with the Seven Vowels, and what each Vowel suggests; The Lower Octaves of Color; The Wearing of Gems, a Reasonable Practice; The Well-Developed Aura. lecture...
Page 188 - Human Aura as an Indicator of Health and Character, with Reflections on the Aura of Habitation; Clairvoyance susceptible of Cultivation; Inherent Genius; Materialistic Christianity; Health Aura; The Aura of Buildings; The Divine Science of Health; How to Purify one's Aura; The Physic Aura; The Aura of a Telepathist; The Rash Expenditure of Auric Force; The Auric Belt; Heavens and Hells; Dissipated Aura; The True Philanthropist; Perfect Harmony. Price 50 cent*.
Page 187 - Four kinds of Yoga explained ; Methods of Invocation and when they should be made ; Mind Stuff; Semi-Divine Beings who have Supernatural Powers ; How to become absorbed in the Ether ; The True Understanding. CHAPTER 6. — The Pronunciation of the Sacred Word " Om " ; The Vibration it sets up ; Its Comprehensiveness ; The Symbol of the Supreme Deity ; The Subjective World ; Eternal Principles.
Page 189 - In his book the author often mentions, Incidentally, his association with and the healing by him of the poor and lowly, such as London dock hands, Scotch fishermen, the quarrymen of North Wales, and the iron workers and miners of the North of England. He says that his work as a healer is of the kind that any whole and generous man can surely develop It. No one can read this book without feeling drawn to the author as to a simple and noble friend of humanity. "THE WORD.
Page 27 - Honesty are in this connection formative, but Falsehood, Simulation, and Dishonesty are destructive forces. The student must recognize that not merely "good intentions" are needed, but also actual deeds. If I think or say anything which does not harmonize with...
Page 80 - No one who does not live and think healthily in the physical world can give birth to a sound spiritual self. Natural and rational life is the basis of all true spiritual evolution.

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