The Letters of a Leipzig Cantor: Being the Letters of Moritz Hauptmann to Franz Hauser, Ludwig Spohr, and Other Musicians, Volume 2

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Novello, Ewer and Company, 1892

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Page 98 - Ay, sir ; to be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man picked out of ten thousand.
Page 11 - I think Handel never gets out of his wig : that is, out of his age : his Hallelujah chorus is a chorus not of angels, but of well-fed earthly choristers, ranged tier above tier in a Gothic cathedral, with princes for audience, and their military trumpets flourishing over the full volume of the organ.
Page 201 - There is no justification for a composer who makes a pianoforte accompaniment indispensable for the performance of choral music ; and the old masters were far from wrong, in adhering to a very peremptory code of laws, to regulate such compositions as this. I am more ashamed of such a passage, than I should be of palpable octaves and fifths, which anyhow are no hindrance to pure intonation.
Page 75 - Mendelssohn had no one to copy from. He took the Psalm itself, and nothing but the Psalm ; he never thought of Bach, Handel, Palestrina, nor anyone else, nor did he adapt it to any particular style ; consequently, his music is neither oldfashioned nor new-fangled, it is simply a fine setting of the Psalm. Three thousand years have not made the words sound strange to us, and I think time will not affect the music...
Page 201 - Chorus is firm as a rock in diatonics, with figures and colorature ad libitum, but in chromatic music, they are no better than their fellows. To sing chromatic passages in tune, presupposes a real education in music ; something more than hitting the note is required ; the singer must feel for himself the harmonic progressions. This, I learn, to my mortification, every time that I hear this passage in my Salve...
Page 107 - The whole art of war has undergone such a rapid change, that it is no longer what it was in the days of...
Page 60 - It is by no means impossible to combine the harmlessness of the dove with the wisdom of the serpent.
Page 76 - Fugue, as it is for us to write one at all. Most of the schoolmasters then could have beaten most of our Kapellmeister now. An odd doctrine, you will say, coming from a member of the Bach Society, the object of which is the publication of the entire works of Bach. Nevertheless, I am in favour of this.
Page 84 - Moritz must be a little on his guard, against a very Mendelssohnian modulation, which may soon degenerate into a mannerism ; I mean that of the major seventh against the prolonged Prime in the bass — It has its charm, but just because of this, the repetition of it strikes one more than a less piquant harmony would.

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