Bounded and Almost Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Operator Differential Equations

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Springer Netherlands, Oct 3, 2013 - Mathematics - 221 pages
~Et moi, .... si j'avait su comment en revenir. One service mathematics has rendered the je n'y serais poin t aUe.· human race. It has put common sense back Jules Verne where it belongs, on the topmost shelf next to the dusty canister labelled 'discarded non· sense', The series is divergent; therefore we may be able to do something with it. Eric T. Bell o. lleaviside Mathematics is a tool for thought. A highly necessary tool in a world where both feedback and non­ linearities abound. Similarly, all kinds of parts of mathematics serve as tools for other parts and for other sciences. Applying a simple rewriting rule to the quote on the right above one finds such statements as: 'One service topology has rendered mathematical physics .. .'; 'One service logic has rendered com· puter science .. .'; 'One service category theory has rendered mathematics .. .'. All arguably true. And all statements obtainable this way form part of the raison d'e1re of this series.

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