Blätter für das bayerische Gymnasialschulwesen, Volume 21

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Page 101 - Then was formed that language, less musical indeed than the languages of the South, but in force, in richness, in aptitude for all the highest purposes of the poet, the philosopher, and the orator, inferior to the tongue of Greece alone. Then, too, appeared the first faint dawn of that noble literature, the most splendid and the most durable of the many glories of England.
Page 101 - Then it was that the great English people was formed, that the national character began to exhibit those peculiarities which it has ever since retained, and that our fathers became emphatically* islanders, — islanders not merely in geographical position, but in their politics, their feelings, and their manners.
Page 141 - Denn der Mensch, der zur schwankenden Zeit auch schwankend gesinnt ist, Der vermehret das Übel und breitet es weiter und weiter; Aber wer fest auf dem Sinne beharrt, der bildet die Welt sich.
Page 100 - The sources of the noblest rivers which spread fertility over continents, and bear richly -laden fleets to the sea, are to be sought in wild and barren mountain tracts, incorrectly laid down in maps, and rarely explored by travellers. To such a a tract the history of our country during the thirteenth century may not unaptly be compared.
Page 157 - EGO deum genus esse semper dixi et dicam caelitum, sed eos non curare opinor quid agat humanum genus : nam si curent, bene bonis sit, male malis, quod nunc abest...
Page 410 - Vedess' io in lei pietà: ch'in un sol giorno Può ristorar molt'anni, e 'nnanzi l'alba Puommi arricchir dal tramontar del Sole. Con lei foss' io da che si parte il Sole, E non ci vedess...
Page 104 - Verlag von Friedrich Vieweg & Sohn in Braunschweig. (Zu beziehen durch jede Buchhandlung.) Soeben erschien: Syntax des Französischen und Englischen in vergleichender Darstellung.
Page 403 - Inbegriff der Kenntnisse und Nachrichten gehen, -die uns mit den Handlungen und Schicksalen, mit dem politischen, gelehrten und häuslichen Zustande der Griechen und Römer, mit ihrer Cultur , ihren Sprachen , Künsten und Wissenschaften, Sitten, Religionen, National...
Page 101 - Then first appeared, with distinctness, that Constitution which has ever since, through all changes, preserved its identity ; that Constitution of which all the other free constitutions in the world are copies, and which, in spite of some defects, deserves to be regarded as the best under which any great Society has ever yet existed during many ages. Then it was that the House of Commons, the archetype of all the representative assemblies which now meet, either in the old or in the new world, held...
Page 573 - ... quae nos materiem et genitalia corpora rebus reddunda in ratione vocare et semina rerum appellare suemus et haec eadem usurpare corpora prima, quod ex illis sunt omnia primis.

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