The Iliad, tr. by W. Soootheby, Volume 2

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Page 225 - Now, laden deep with corn, a heavy field Rose on the view, and bristled o'er the shield ; The reapers toil'd, the sickles in their hand ; Heap after heap fell thick along the land : Three labourers grasp them, and in sheaves upbind — Boys, gathering up their handfuls, went behind, Proffering their load : mid these, in gladsome mood, Mute, leaning on his staff, the master stood. Apart, the heralds, in an oaken glade, Slew a huge bullock, and the banquet made ; While women, busy with the wheaten...
Page 426 - Could by thine own their harsher minds control ; Hence, with a heart by torturing misery rent, Thee and my hapless self I thus lament ; For no kind eye in Troy on Helen rests, But who beholds me shudders and detests.
Page 425 - Tis now, since here I came, the twentieth year, Since left my land, and all I once held dear ; But never from that hour, has Helen heard From thee a harsh reproach or painful word ; But if thy kindred...
Page 228 - Fleet as the wheel whose use the potter tries When twirl'd beneath his hand its axle flies. Now all at once their graceful ranks combine, Each rang'd against the other, line with line. The crowd flock'd round, and, wond'ring as they view'd. Thro...
Page 226 - Now, bow'd with grapes, in gold a vineyard glow'd, A purple light along its clusters flow'd: On poles of silver train'd, the vines repos'd, Dark the deep trench, and pales of tin enclos'd. One path alone there led, along whose way Ceas'd not the gatherers thro...
Page 88 - mid the steeds that wanton o'er the mead : Not otherwise, from Troy's embattled height, In pride of youth, in power of mailed might, Exulting, on, impatient of delay, Bright as the sun, young Paris sped his way,
Page 227 - d with (lowers, while from their partners hung, Swords that, all gold, from belts of silver swung. Train'd by nice art each flexile limb to wind, Their twinkling feet the measur'd maze entwin'd, Fleet as the wheel, whose use the potter tries When twirl'd beneath his hand its axle flies.
Page 227 - Round every youth a glossy tunick glow'd, Those wreath'd with flowers, while from their partners hung Swords that all gold from belts of silver swung. Train'd by nice art each flexile limb to wind...
Page 222 - Charged with his skilful mind each varied part. There earth, there heaven appeared ; there ocean flowed ; There the orbed moon, and sun unwearied glowed : There, every star that gems the brow of night, Pleiads and Hyads, and Orion's might; The Bear, that, watchful in his ceaseless roll Around the star whose light illumes the pole, Slill eyes Orion, nor e'er stoops to lave His beams unconscious of the ocean wave.
Page 88 - Rush'd through the streets — as when a stall-fed steed, Swift, as he snaps the cord, from bondage freed Strikes with resounding hoof the earth, and flies Where...

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