The New England tour of H. R. H. the prince of Wales

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Page 15 - God bless our fathers' land, Keep her in heart and hand One with our own ! From all her foes defend, Be her brave people's friend, On all her realms descend, Protect her throne...
Page 15 - Land.' Keep her in heart and hand One with our own ! From all her foes defend, Be her brave People's Friend, On all her realms descend, Protect her Throne! Father, with loving care Guard Thou her kingdom's Heir, Guide all his ways : Thine arm his shelter be, From him by land and sea Bid storm and danger flee, Prolong his days ! Lord, let War's tempest cease, Fold the whole Earth in peace Under thy wings! Make all thy nations one, All hearts beneath the sun, Till Thou shalt reign alone, Great King...
Page 19 - ... handkerchiefs and clapped hands, producing a fine effect. A grand success, too, was the ball, given at the Boston Theater, — not exceeded in splendor by that in New York. If one can imagine the immensity of this theater ; the dancing floor inclosed as by a pavilion, each tier differently and most richly decorated, and crowded with superbly dressed ladies ; the royal box all aglare with light, and rich in gilt, purple, and azure ; the frescoed ceiling, with its pendant dome of light, the marquee,...
Page 19 - ... all aglare with light, and rich in gilt, purple, and azure ; the frescoed ceiling, with its pendant dome of light, the marquee, with its groves, flowers, mirrors, arabesque ceiling, its multiform and varied decorations, and its view of Windsor Castle, seen as if from some immense window ; — if one can imagine this scene, and then crowd it with richly dressed ladies, with gentlemen in every variety of ball costume, while, over all, the lights streamed their brilliant radiance, mirrors and jewels...
Page 22 - Brower, 523 Broadway, under the St. Nicholas hotel. It represented an imperial star, and was composed of blush rosebuds, tuberoses, heartsease, acanthus and sweet alyssum; it was supported by an elegant silver holder ornamented with a deep white silk fringe. Miss Buitt attracted much attention for her admirable figure, her exquisite costume, and for her graceful movements in the dance.
Page 14 - Prince ; and at the summit of the arch was another crest. On each side of this crimson arch were trophies of English and American flags, with shields bearing the colors of the two countries, and surmounted by the Prince's feather. The portion of the front of the seats of the choir which was exposed to view was covered with red and white cloth, arranged in perpendicular stripes.
Page 19 - Wales' feather, and the mottoes, ' Justicia,' ' Concordia,' ' Amicitia,' and other Latin inscriptions. Each of these shields was placed upon a blue hanging, with golden stars, and was supported on either side by the British and American flags. The first or lower tier was hung with royal purple velvet, edged and relieved by gold lace, and so festooned and draped as to reveal, at equi-distances, the gilded figures which adorn the front of this circle.
Page 40 - Equally at home in the drawing-room, the field, and the libraryt — equally well versed in the etiquette of court and camp, and as scholarly as he is accomplished, — General Bruce appears the model gentleman, while his goodness of heart, his instant recognition of merit in every station, his suavity and his affability make him no less loved than admired.
Page 14 - Seats were provided on the platform for the Royal party and the distinguished guests. The upper balcony was reserved for the female teachers of the schools, and the first balcony for other lucky ladies, and not a seat was unoccupied. The lower floor had a few...
Page 40 - Kars, in the defence of which he took an active and prominent part, under Gen. Williams. He wears several medals of honor. He is handsome, having a face of the Teutonic type, and light, curly hair and moustache, which he wears very peculiarly.

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