Annual Report of the State Mineralogist for the Year Ending ..., Volume 8

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State Office, 1888 - Geology

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Page 13 - A miner is engaged with his rocker and bowl at his side, illustrating the golden wealth of the Sacramento, upon whose waters are seen shipping, typical of commercial greatness; and the snow-clad peaks of the Sierra Nevada make up the background, while above is the Greek motto "Eureka...
Page 13 - CALIFORNIA is bounded on the north by Oregon, on the east by Nevada...
Page 11 - Territory organized under the Act of the Legislature entitled "'An Act to provide for the establishment and maintenance of high schools in the Territory of Arizona," is the Union High School located at Phoenix, in Maricopa County.
Page 866 - I cannot procure a sufficient quantity of the above from the roads, I obtain the limestone itself, and I cause the puddle or powder, or the limestone as the case may be to be calcined. I then take a specific quantity of argillaceous earth or clay, and mix them with water to a state approaching impalpability, either by manual labour or machinery.
Page 47 - ... penetrate all the ore. If no more water is absorbed, the liquor is drawn off at the bottom, care being taken to keep the tank full of water during the entire operation, which takes from four to five hours. In charging the tank, a gunny-sack is laid on top of the ore, where the...
Page 866 - I break the said mixture into suitable lumps, and calcine them in a furnace similar to a lime kiln till the carbonic acid is entirely expelled. The mixture so calcined is to be ground, beat, or rolled to a fine powder, and is then in a fit state for making cement or artificial stone. This powder is to be mixed with a sufficient quantity of water to bring it into the consistency of mortar, and thus applied to the purposes wanted.
Page 347 - Л discovery entitles the person making the same to a mining claim embracing the discover)', noi to exceed one thousand five hundred feet in length by six hundred feet in width.
Page 293 - Some described the noise as resembling that made by a whole park of artillery shot off in rapid succession, with the rattling of musketry between. Others were much impressed by the noises made by different kinds of animals. The barking and howling of the dogs, and the lowing of the cattle, were strangely intermingled with the reverberations of the falling rocks in the mountains, the creaking of the. timbers of the wooden buildings, and the rattling and crashing of the loose articles contained within...
Page 293 - ... direction, the destruction of life and property was proportionally diminished. The almost universal testimony of the residents of Owen's Valley was to the effect that the shocks came from the Sierra Nevada, and from that portion of the range which lies between Owen's Lake and Independence. In the region to the south of the lake the vibrations were felt as approaching from the northwest ; at Lone Pine they were referred to the high mountains in the immediate vicinity to the west, and as we moved...
Page 829 - In lixiviation pulverizing as coarse as possible is desirable. The limit of coarseness is determined by the roasting process. It depends upon the character of the ore, and, principally, upon the manner in which the silver-bearing minerals are distributed in the gangue. (2). The original cost of the lixiviation plant is much lower than that of pans and settlers.

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