The Complete Works of Thomas Nashe: Haue with you to Saffron-Waldon, 1596. Terrors of the night, 1594

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private circulation only, 1884
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Page 53 - ... as long as a proclamation ; nor drinkes to anie, but he reads a Lecture of three howers long De Arte bibendi.
Page 194 - For Master Lillie (who is halues with me in this indignitie that is offred) I will not take the tale out of his mouth, for he is better able to defend himselfe than I am able to say he is able to defend himselfe, and in as much time as hee spendes in taking Tobacco one weeke, he can compile that which would make Gabriell repent himselfe all his life after. With a blacke sant he meanes shortly to bee at his chamber window for calling him the Fiddlesticke...
Page 225 - In the daye time wee torment our thoughts and imaginations with sundry cares and deuices ; all the night time they quake and tremble after the terror of their late suffering, and still continue thinking of the perplexities they haue endured.
Page 67 - To whom came he? to the beggar . . . on whose side ? the beggar's] This is Gabriel Harvey's favourite style. Compare Pierce's Supererogation (Grosart, ii. 176) : " What the saluation of David Gorge ? a nullitie : what the deification of NH ? a nullitie : what the sanctification of Browne ? a nullitie ; what the communitie of Barrow ? a nullitie : what the plausibilitie of Marten ? a nullitie.
Page 51 - Naulum or ferry three half pence, and so dismist him to go to the place from whence he came, and play at Lodum. But when I came to vnrip and vnbumbast this Gargantuan bag-pudding, and found nothing in it, but dogs-tripes, swines liuers, oxe galls, and sheepes gutts, I was in a bitterer chafe than anie Cooke at a long Sermon when his meate burnes.
Page 115 - Silke-weauer, hath rime inough for all myracles, & wit to make a Garland of good will more than the premisses, with an Epistle of Momus...
Page 52 - Credibly it was once rumord about the court, that the Guard meant to trie masteries with it before the Queene, and, in stead of throwing the sledge or the hammer, to hurle it foorth at the armes ende for a wager. I, I, euerie one maye hammer vpon it as they please, but if they will hit the nayle on the head pat as they should, to nothing so aptly can they compare it as Africke, which, being an vnbounded...
Page 178 - England, he it was that in the company of diuers Gentlemen one night at supper at the Nags head in Cheape, first told me of his vanitie, and those Hexameters of him But o 'what newes of that good Gabriell Haruey Knowne to the 'world for a foole and clapt in the Fleet fora Rimer.
Page 87 - ... he fowld was a sheete of paper ; whence some mad wits giu'n to descant, euen as Herodotus held that the Aethiopians seed of generation was as blacke as inke, so haply they vnhappely wold conclude, an Incubus, in the likenes of an inke-bottle, had carnall copulation with his mother 3 when hee was begotten.
Page 148 - Boye that scornd writing and reading, and helpt him to set downe his accounts and score vp dead payes. But this was our Graphiel Hagiels tricke of Wily Beguily herein, that...

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