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I've never had my core beliefs challenged until I started reading this book.Read a page,contemplate on it for atleast one day.There's so much to think and analyse after every para.The best piece of philosophy by any Indian author.

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This is a classic!
A good place to begin exploring J. Krishnamurti's thought.
Each chapter covers a specific theme.
There is also a series of chapters dealing with specific questions. The answers to which are just as significant today as when they were first written.

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Once again, J. Krishnamurti attempts to draw the reader into this exploration of this troublesome split of thinker and thought. Instead of simply describing and explaining the what is of this dilemma, he invites us to participate, examine, explore within our own life experience. I highly recommend this book for anyone trying to understand this unbelievably elusive yet simple truth about the way of things. 

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