Rectal and anal surgery

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W.T. Keener, 1892 - 164 pages

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Page 153 - Insufflation of Hydrogen Gas as an Infallible Test in the Diagnosis of Visceral Injury of the Gastro-Intestinal Canal in Penetrating Wounds of the Abdomen.
Page 153 - The uses of gaseous enenieta both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. 2. Lateral approximation by decalcified bone plates. . : '; 3. The application of omental grafts in abdominal surgery; and, 4. The mechanical irritation of peritoneal surfaces between which it is desired 'that adhesion should take place. . , . . The value of all these methods has been experimentally proven, and they have been successfully applied by Senn and by other surgeons who have carefully reviewed his work. ' It is difficult...
Page 153 - An experimental contribution to Intestinal Surgery, with special reference to the Treatment of Intestinal Obstruction.
Page 153 - Castro-intestinal canal will probably not be found to sustain this claim, yet no one can deny the immense value of this method, nor withhold admiration for the genius which prompted its application. Finally, his book should be read to be duly appreciated, and no higher tribute can be paid to its value than that it stimulates the surgeon to better thought and better work. WT KEENER, Medical Publisher, Importer and Bookseller, NOW READY I Indigestion and Biliousness.
Page 155 - The author in well known, not only as a skilled physician and accomplished teacher, but as one of the most polished writers of the American Medical Press. — Philadelphia Medical and Surgical Reporter. The author has evidently brought to bear upon the subject, extended research, and close observation. Insomuch...
Page 153 - Canal in Penetrating Wounds of the Abdomen. Complete in One Handsome Volume, 8vo. Cloth $5.00; Half Mor. $6.00. The different parts of this volume have been published from time to time in Transactions of The American Surgical Association, and in periodicals not readily accessible to the majority of the Medical Profession. In response to a very general demand they have been revised by the Author and published in a convenient sized volume, carefully indexed.
Page 57 - It is demonstrated by Dr. Matthews on the one hand, and by the experiments of the quacks on the other, that by controlling these two conditions, many cases will heal spontaneously. It follows that among the thousands of patients subjected to cutting operations by surgeons for this disease, there are many who might be cured by much milder means.
Page 24 - Andrews reports the following accidents which were reported to him out of 3,304 cases : Deaths, 13 ; embolism of liver, 8 ; sudden and dangerous prostration, 1 ; abscess of liver, 1 ; dangerous hemorrhage, 10 ; permanent impotence, 1 ; stricture of the rectum, 2 ; violent pain, 83 ; carbolic-acid poisoning, 1 ; failure to cure, 19 ; severe inflammation, 10 ; sloughing and other accidents, 35.
Page 22 - Ill., a young physician named Mitchell. His practice was small, and afforded him superabundant leisure, which he employed in devising a new treatment for piles. Being a good thinker, he soon conceived the idea of treating haemorrhoids by the hypodermic injection of a mixture of olive oil and carbolic acid. Having tried his plan upon an old farmer of the neighborhood, he accomplished a triumphant cure. The old farmer was delighted and garrulous, and the young doctor was needy, but ambitious.
Page 153 - Fractures of the Neck of the Femur, with special reference to Bony Union after Intra-Capsular Fracture.

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