Korea in Transition

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Eaton & Mains, 1909 - Korea - 270 pages
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Page 272 - The following text-books having a sale of over 1,500,000 have been published : 1. THE PRICE OF AFRICA. Biographical. By S. Earl Taylor. 2. INTO ALL THE WORLD. A general survey of missions. By Amos R. Wells. 3. PRINCELY MEN IN THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM. Biographical. By Harlan P. Beach. 4. SUNRISE IN THE SUNRISE KINGDOM.
Page 272 - The Price of Africa. (Biographical.) By S. Earl Taylor. 2. Into All the World. A general survey of missions. By Amos R. Wells. 3. Princely Men in the Heavenly Kingdom. (Biographical.) By Harlan P. Beach. 4. Sunrise in the Sunrise Kingdom.
Page 271 - The Forward Mission Study Courses are an outgrowth of a conference of leaders in young people's mission work, held in New York City, December, 1901. To meet the need that was manifested at that conference for...
Page 142 - ... Such fate to suffering worth is given, Who long with wants and woes has striven, By human pride or cunning driven To misery's brink, Till, wrenched of every stay but Heaven, He, ruined, sink! Even...
Page 275 - These books are published by mutual arrangement among the home and foreign mission boards, to whom all orders should be addressed. They are bound uniformly and are sold at 60 cents in cloth, and 40 cents in paper ; prepaid.
Page 42 - If other Powers deal unjustly or oppressively with either Government, the other will exert their good offices, on being informed of the case, to bring about an amicable arrangement, thus showing their friendly feelings.
Page 83 - They haunt every umbrageous tree, shady ravine, crystal spring, and mountain crest. On green hill-slopes, in peaceful agricultural valleys, in grassy dells, on wooded uplands, by lake and stream, by road and river, in north, south, east, and west, they abound, making malignant sport out of human destinies. They are on every roof, ceiling, fireplace, kang and beam. They fill the chimney, the shed, the living room, the kitchen — they are on every shelf and jar.
Page 164 - They climbed the steep ascent of heaven Through peril, toil, and pain : O God, to us may grace be given To follow in their train.
Page 271 - Movement, and are now under the immediate direction of the Editorial Committee of the Movement. The books of the Movement are now being used by more than forty home and foreign mission boards and societies of the United States and Canada. The aim is to publish a series of text-books covering the •various home and foreign mission fields and written by leading authorities. The entire series when completed will comprise perhaps as many as forty text-books.
Page 160 - Abide in the calling wherein he was found," teaching that each was to be an individual worker for Christ, and to live Christ in his own neighborhood, supporting himself by his trade.

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