The Vegetable World: Being a History of Plants, with Their Structure and Peculiar Properties. Adapted from the Work of Louis Figuier. With a Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Appleton, 1869 - Botany - 588 pages
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Page iii - And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth : and it was so.
Page 312 - Leschenault) slightly touched the first three fingers of my left hand: at the time I only perceived a slight pricking, to which I paid no attention. This was at seven in the morning. The pain continued to increase ; in an hour it had become intolerable : it seemed as if some one was rubbing my fingers with a hot iron. Nevertheless there was no remarkable appearance ; neither swelling, nor pustule, nor inflammation. The pain rapidly spread along the arm as far as the armpit. I was then seized with...
Page 444 - Italian sovereignty, the like of which had not been seen since the days of the Caesars. Here was what the ill-starred Ciano had called "the chance of five thousand years.
Page iii - And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and Goa saw that it was good.
Page 313 - I had caught a violent cold in the head. About noon I experienced a painful contraction of the back of the jaws, which made me fear an attack of tetanus. I then went to bed, hoping that repose would alleviate my suffering; but it did not abate ; on the contrary, it continued nearly the whole of the following night ; but I lost the contraction of the jaws about seven in the evening. The next morning the pain began to leave me, and I fell asleep. I continued to suffer for two days ; and the pain returned...
Page 372 - It is also remarkable for the irritability of its stamens, which, when the filament is touched on the inside with the point of a pin, or any other hard instrument, bend forward towards the pistil, touch the stigma with the anther, remain curved for a short time, and then partially recover their erect position : this is best seen in warm dry weather.
Page 237 - md have proposed to establish them as an independent kingdom, equally distinct from animals and vegetables ; others have entertained doubts of their being more than mere fortuitous developements of vegetable matter, called into action by special conditions of light, heat, earth, and air...
Page 468 - Hedera in the former case, so it did in this too, and eventually was appropriated to the full-grown evergreen shrub so well known.
Page 226 - Among the most obscure creations of the vegetable world in regard to their reproductive organs, their transparency makes them interesting objects of investigation, and they were the first in which an actual circulation of sap was observed. They inhabit stagnant, fresh, or sea water, and live always immersed, giving out a fetid odour, and having a dull greenish colour. Their stems are regularly branched, brittle, and surrounded here and there by smaller branches or whorls, the axils of the uppermost...
Page 229 - In their simplest forms," says Dr. Lindley, " Fungi are little articulated filaments, composed of simple cellules placed end to end ; such is the mouldiness found upon various substances, the mildew of the Rosebush, and, in short, all the tribes of Mucor and Mucedo ; in some of these the joints disarticulate and appear to be capable of reproduction ; in others, spores collect in the terminal joints, and are finally dispersed by the rupture of the cellule that contained them. In a higher state of...

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