Infantry Tactics: Comprising the School of the Soldier; School of the Company; Instruction for Skirmishers; School of the Battalion; Evolutions of the Brigade; and Directions for Manœuvring the Division, and the Corps D'armée, Volume 2

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D. Van Nostrand, 1865
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Page 133 - ... file less; which being executed, the captain will place himself so that his breast may touch lightly the left arm of the front rank man of the last file in the company next on the right of his own. The captain of the right company will place himself as if there were a company on his right, and will align himself on the other captains. The covering sergeant of each company, will break to the rear with the right files, and place himself before the front rank of the first file, to conduct him.
Page 146 - Finally, to render the mechanism of all those movements familiar to the troops, and to habituate them to march in the route step without elongating the column, commanders will generally cause their battalions to march in this step, going to, and returning from, fields of exercise. Each will occasionally conduct his battalion through narrow passes, in order to make it perceive the utility of the principles prescribed above; and he will several times, in every course of instruction, march it in the...
Page 53 - The second company having arrived opposite to the left file of the first, its captain will cause it to turn to the right ; the right guide will direct himself so as to arrive squarely upon the line of battle, and when he shall be at three paces from that line, the captain will command : 1.
Page 54 - The colonel, wishing to change front to the rear on the right company, will impart his purpose to the captain of this company. The latter will immediately face his company about, wheel it to the left on the fixed pivot, and halt it when it shall be in the direction indicated to him by the colonel ; the captain will then face his company to the front, and align it by the right against the two markers, whom the colonel will cause to be established before the right and left files.
Page 95 - ... so that, in the right wing, the third may be next behind the fourth, the second next to the third, and so on to the right company; and, in the left wing, the sixth may be next behind the fifth, the seventh next to the sixth, and so on to the left company of the battahon.
Page 94 - The covering sergeants will step into the front rank. 779. At the second command, the fourth and fifth companies will stand fast; the others of the right wing will face to the left, and the others of the left wing will face to the right ; each captain whose company has faced will hasten to break to the rear the two files at the head of his company ; the left guide of each right company, and the right guide of each left...
Page 130 - When the battalion shall break by platoon to the right or to the left, each first lieutenant will pass around the left of his company to place himself in front of the second platoon, and for this purpose, each covering sergeant, except the one of the right company, will step, for the moment, in rear of the right file of his company.
Page 53 - At the command march, the company will turn to the right; the right guide will so direct himself as to bring the man next to him opposite to the right marker, and when at three paces from him, the captain will command: 1. First company ; 2. HALT.
Page 55 - At the fourth, these companies will wheel to the left on the fixed pivot by the rear rank; the left guide of each will, as soon as he is able to pass, place himself on the left of the rear rank of his company, now become the right; and when the colonel shall judge that the companies have sufficiently wheeled, he will command: 34fi 5.
Page 130 - When the battalion breaks by division, the indication, division, will be substituted in the commands for that of company ; the chief of each division (the senior captain) will conform himself to what is prescribed for the chief of company, and will place himself two paces before the centre of his division ; the junior captain, if not already there, will place himself in the interval between the two companies, in the front" rank, and be covered by the covering sergeant of the left company, in the...

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