Modern Carpentry and Joinery: Advanced series; being a compilation of the very best things and most modern and practical methods known in the arts of carpentry and joinery, Volume 2

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F.J. Drake & Company, 1906 - Carpentry - 394 pages
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Page 397 - EXAMPLES OF MODERN ALPHABETS, Plain and Ornamental. including German, Old English, Saxon, Italic, Perspective, Greek, Hebrew, Court Hand, Engrossing, Tuscan, Riband, Gothic, Rustic, and Arabesque ; with several Original Designs, and an Analysis of the...
Page 267 - South of the latter part of the eighteenth and early part of the nineteenth centuries was (for privileged, young, white males) one of those rare "liberal interregnums" in our history when the body could be treated as a natural source of pleasure and "wanton" sexuality viewed as the natural prerogative — the exemplification even — of Manliness.
Page 392 - Sold by booksellers generally or sent postpaid to any address upon receipt of price. FREDERICK J. DRAKE & CO., Publishers 350-352 Wabash Avenue, CHlCAGO, ILL, Easy Electrical Experiment* and How to Make Them By L.
Page 348 - This curve is a parabola. The bending moment at any section P is represented by the length of the vertical line PQ cutting the parabola at Q. The following...
Page 399 - Over 200 pages. With numerous rules and formulas and diagrams, and over 50 illustrations by L. ELLIOTT BROOKES, author of the "Construction of a Gasoline Motor," and the "Automobile Hand-Book," This book has been written with the intention of furnishing practical information regarding gas, gasoline and kerosene engines, for the use of owners, operators and others who may be interested in their construction, operation and management. In treating the various...
Page 312 - If three forces acting at a point are in equilibrium, they can be represented in magnitude and direction by the three sides of a triangle taken in order.
Page 308 - Parallelogram of Forces. If two forces, acting at a point, be represented in magnitude and direction by the...
Page 76 - To draw the section of a cone made by a plane parallel to the axis ie an hyperbola.
Page 119 - ABC is a vertical section through the axis of a circular dome, and it is required to cover this dome horizontally. Bisect the base in the point D, and draw DBE perpendicular to AC, cutting the circumference in B. Now divide the arc, BC, into equal parts, so that each part will be rather less than the width of a board, and join the points of division by straight lines, which will form an inscribed polygon of so many sides; and through these points draw lines parallel to the base AC, meeting the opposite...
Page 323 - Bow's notation and draw the reciprocal diagram a'b'c'd' ; the line a'd' which closes the figure represents the magnitude of the resultant. To obtain the actual line of action of the resultant, take any point or pole 0 and join a'O, b'O, c'O, d'O. The figure thus obtained is called the polar diagram. The...

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