History of Russia and of Peter the Great

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Treuttel and Würtz, Treuttel, jun. and Richter, 1829 - Russia - 447 pages

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Page 442 - ... he ought to have been more expeditious, as the prince was very ill of an apoplectic fit. Upon this, the...
Page 65 - Drive out of your heart all suggestions of pride, and remember that we are all perishable — to-day full of hope, to-morrow in the coffin. Abhor lying, drunkenness, and debauchery. Love your wives, but do not suffer them to have any power over you. Endeavour constantly to obtain knowledge. Without having quitted his palace, my father spoke five languages ; a thing which wins for us the admiration of foreigners.
Page 168 - ... enormous cauldrons of brass, and eighty gibbets. Five hundred of the most illustrious nobles, already torn by tortures, were dragged thither; some were massacred amidst the joyful acclamations of his savage satellites ; but the major part of them expired under the protracted agony of being slashed with knives by the courtiers of the Muscovite monster.
Page 147 - sends him this illustrious spouse, an offset of that imperial tree, the shadow of which was formerly spread over all orthodox Christian brothers. Fortunate alliance ! which brings to mind that of the Great Vladimir, and which will make another Byzantium of Moscow, and give to its Grand-Princes all the rights of the Greek emperors T1 Thenceforth, a sumptuous train was requisite to the new autocrat.
Page 443 - Very few believed he died a natural death ; but it was dangerous for people to speak as they thought. The ministers of the Emperor, and the States of Holland, were forbid the Court for speaking their minds too freely on this occasion ; and, upon complaint against them, were both recalled.
Page 442 - Czar with all his attendants withdrew with very dismal countenances, and when they went, the marshal ordered me to attend at the prince's apartment, and in case of any alteration, to inform him immediately thereof : there were at that time two physicians and two surgeons in waiting, with whom, and the officer on guard, I dined on what had been dressed for the prince's dinner.
Page 443 - ... into another, and, after great agonies, expired at five o'clock in the afternoon. I went directly to inform the...
Page 61 - Jauffret, ii. 84. doubtless reckoned the treaty they had recently extorted from him. But by how many great actions did he not atone for this great error! When, in 1093, his father died in his arms, on the throne of Kief, which he bequeathed to him, and of which all good citizens implored his acceptance, he refused it. Absurd as was the established order of succession, he respected it, and transmitted the sceptre to his cousin Sviatopolk. " His father," said he, "was the senior of mine; he reigned...
Page 445 - Mentzikof was also a person raised from a very low degree, I was told the following circumstances of his rise. He was born of gentle , but very poor parents ; and they dying, left him very young without any education , insomuch that he could neither read nor write , nor ever did he to the day of his death : his poverty obliged him to seek service in Moscow, where he was taken into the house of a pastry-cook...
Page 66 - In my youth, what falls from my horse did I not experience ! wounding my feet and my hands, and breaking my head against trees. But the Lord watched over me. " In hunting amidst the thickest forests, how many times have I myself caught wild horses and bound them together ! How many times have I been thrown down by buffaloes, wounded by the antlers of stags, and trodden under the feet of elks ! A furious wild boar rent my sword from my baldrick : my saddle was torn to pieces by a bear ; this terrible...

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