Journal of the United States Artillery, Volume 50

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Artillery School Press, 1919 - Artillery
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Page 345 - Surely I hold that the best way is to keep our enemies from treading upon our ground; wherein if we fail, then must we seek to make him wish that he had stayed at his own home. In such a case, if it should happen, our judgments are to weigh many particular circumstances that belong not unto this discourse.
Page 252 - Copy must contain nothing to indicate its authorship, must be signed with a nom de plume, and must be accompanied by a sealed envelope containing this nom de plume and the name of the writer. This envelope will remain in the hands of the Editor of the JOURNAL and, after award has been made by the Committee, will be opened in the presence of the Coast Artillery School Board.
Page 39 - August 7, 1918, paragraphs 1 and 4 reading as follows: "1. This country has but one army — The United States Army. It includes all the land forces in the service of the United States. These forces, however raised, lose their identity in that of The United States Army.
Page 345 - England, -without the help of her fleet, be able to debar an enemy from landing, I hold that it is unable so to do, and therefore I think it most dangerous to make the adventure; for the encouragement of a first victory to an enemy, and the discouragement of being beaten to the invaded, may draw after it a most perilous consequence.
Page 241 - to recommend the armament, fixed and floating, mobile torpedoes, submarine mines, and all other defensive appliances that may be necessary to complete the harbor defense with the most economical and advantageous expenditure of money.
Page x - Price $1.90 postpaid The first book of its kind ever published in this country. Intended primarily for company officers of the Organi7ed Militia, and second as a handy, convenient training manual for company officers of the Regular Army.
Page xv - ... and other such sections too numerous to mention have been saved and returned to service In a few hours. A permanent repair Is assured, as Thermit upon reaction produces liquid steel at a temperature of 5000 F. When this liquid mass Is poured Into a mold surrounding the broken parts It melts up the ends of the sections and amalgamates with them to form one solid mass when cool. The whole story Is told In our pamphlet No. 2928 and
Page xv - Test!" REVOLVERS: All desirable calibers, weights and sizes. The choice of Military Organizations, Police Departments and Expert Shooters the world over. AUTOMATIC PISTOLS: Adopted by US Government because of their "marked superiority.
Page v - Firearmi of All Kinds A compound that will remove the residue of any high power powder, including Black Powder. It will prevent Rusting and Pitting in any climate. This compound will neutralize any residue and loosen metal fouling and leading that may be lett in the barrel after cleaning.
Page 241 - Portsmouth, NH Boston, Mass. New Bedford, Mass. Narragansett Bay, RI Eastern Entrance to Long Island Sound.

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