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Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageAfghanistan - News: October 9, 2001 - Headline: War Transforms Musharraf's Government. Excerpt: Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has used the outbreak of war to transform his own government, says Stephen Cohen, senior analyst of South Asia at the Brookings Institution.Afghanistan - News: October 26, 2001 - Headline: US Officials: Afghan Humanitarian Concerns As Crucial As Military Ones. Excerpt: U.S. policy makers understand this, says Stephen Cohen, South Asia analyst at Washington's Brookings Institution. Even with the Taleban gone, terrorism could still flourish in a broken, destitute country.Afghanistan - News: November 2, 2001 - Headline: Afghans Face Bleak Winter As Agencies Struggle To Supply Food Aid. Author: Gary Thomas. Excerpt: Roberta Cohen, co-director of the Brookings Institution Project on Internal Displacement, says that in the current uncertain situation, no one knows for certain how many Afghans are homeless. But she says it is widely assumed the number is many times higher than the one million Afghans displaced before September 11. ... Roberta Cohen of the Brookings Institution says that, to the surprise of many people, Iran has been the most cooperative in letting aid get through to the displaced people in Western Afghanistan. But there remain many remote, inaccessible areas, she says, where hunger or cold will claim lives this winter even if they are way out of the firing line.Afghanistan - News: November 6, 2001 - Headline: Afghan War Strategy Intensely Debated Among US Analysts. Excerpt: It should be going on even faster, says Michael O'Hanlon, military analyst at the Brookings Institution. Slowing or stopping the war, as Professor Mearsheimer suggests, would prolong the agony of the Afghans and allow terrorism to continue.Afghanistan - News: December 28, 2001 - Headline: Afghanistan Needs $1.5-$5 Billion per Year to Rebuild, Say Observers. Excerpt: A human catastrophe awaits this winter if help doesn't arrive on time, says Michael O'Hanlon, senior analyst at the Brookings Institution in Washington. Once they are rescued and refugees are resettled, rebuilding can begin. The donors are on hand, he says, and ready to contribute. He estimates Afghanistan will need from $1.5-$5 billion a year over a 10 year period.Afghanistan - News: June 23, 2004 - Headline: NATO Summit Expected to Focus on Iraq, Afghanistan. Excerpt: Philip Gordon, a former director for European Affairs at the National Security Council and currently a senior analyst at the Brookings Institution, says he doesn't expect the NATO alliance to agree at the summit to any major role in Iraq. ... Philip Gordon of the Brookings Institution says the presidential election in the United States will have an impact on the Istanbul summit.Berlin Wall - News: May 7, 2003 - Headline: What Will the World Look Like in the 21st Century? Excerpt: Many analysts are emphasizing the need for a world order with a more equitable balance of powers. Ann Florini, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, says now only the world's industrialized nations are being heard in international forums at the expense of the less developed ones. "The inter-governmental institutions that have the most influence right now in the world are the IMF, the World Bank, the World trade Organization, the UN Security Council. In all of those cases except the World Trade Organization, the rules are explicitly set up so that a handful of rich-country governments dominate.".Brookings Institution - News: July 4, 2007 - Headline: Cheney ndash; Most Powerful US Vice President Ever? Author: Bill Rodgers. Excerpt: Stephen Hess is an expert on the presidency at the Brookings Institution.California - News: August 10, 2003 - Headline: How Old Is Too Old to Drive? Excerpt: But a new study by the Brookings Institution think tank confirms that baby boomers, those post-World War II children no

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