Radiohead and Philosophy: Fitter Happier More Deductive

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Brandon W. Forbes, George A. Reisch
Open Court Publishing, 2009 - Philosophy - 295 pages
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Since their breakthrough hit "Creep" in 1993, Radiohead has continued to make waves throughout popular and political culture with its views about the Bush presidency (its 2003 album was titled Hail to the Thief), its anti-corporatism, its pioneering efforts to produce ecologically sound road tours, and, most of all, its decision in 2007 to sell its latest album, In Rainbows, online with a controversial "pay-what-you-want" price. Radiohead and Philosophy offers fresh ways to appreciate the lyrics, music, and conceptual ground of this highly innovative band. The chapters in this book explain how Radiohead's music connects directly to the philosophical phenomenology of thinkers like Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Martin Heidegger, the existentialism of Albert Camus and Jean Paul Sartre, and the philosophical politics of Karl Marx, Jean Baudrillard, and Noam Chomsky. Fans and critics know that Radiohead is "the only band that matters" on the scene today -- Radiohead and Philosophy shows why.

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The Band Is Just Phenomenological
Creeping toward Phenomenology
Standing on the Edge and Looking Underneath
Subterranean Homesick Technology
Everything Is Not OK Computer
Who Are Your Real Friends?
Where Pink Floyd Ends and Radiohead Begins
Arguing without Argument
The Sky Is Falling In
Dont Get Any Big IdeasTheyre Not Gonna Happen
Back to the Future
Hope at the Door
I Am Born Again
They Do It to Yourself
We Can Wipe You Out Anytime
Go and Tell the Thief that the Sky Is Falling In

All about the World
Youre Living in a Fantasy World This Beautiful World
Radiohead and Rock Music
What Is Music?
Emotion or Form?
Are Musical Experiences Universal?
Meeting in the Abject
I Wish I Was Special but Im Abject
You Have Turned Me into This
Where I End and You Begin
How to Disappear Completely
Not Another Brick in the Wall
Rise and Shine Its On Again Off Again
OK Catharsis
Exit Music for a Story
Emotion in Its Right Place
This Just Feels and Sounds Like Spinning Plates
Babys Got the Purgation
You Cant Be Bulletproof
Where Tragedy Ends and Community Begins
Intelligence Gathering
Playing a Part versus Giving Voice
Against SelfLegitimation
Profanity Prayers
Dont Turn Away
Ideology and Idolatry
There Are No Unrelated Phenomena
Kid Akrasia
Wake Up Morning Bell
Fitter Happier Emitting Carbon Dioxide in Moderation
This Is Really Happening So Do Something
Six Fluffy Wee Rabbits
We Want Sweet Meats
We Suck Young Blood
Crack Your Little Soul
CMC Music Factory
House of Cards
Jigsaw Falling into Place
Up on the Ladder
Go Slowly
The Lukewarm
Let Me Hear Both Sides
Pull the Last Humans Out of the Aircrash
Hail to the Over Humans
Where the Over Humans Begin
Brush the Cobwebs from the Sky Let the Genie Out from the Bottle
This Ones Optimistic
What Youll Get when You Mess with Us
Why It Really Hurts
We Are Born Again
Sing Us a Song
Somewhere We Will Meet
How to Misunderstand Politics Completely
White People for Peace
The Fear Is Holding On
Getting All Literal
Who Is This Devil in Disguise?
The Most Gigantic Truthful Mouth of All Time
The Self and Politics
Thinking in Rainbows
Surprises and Alarms
Kid A Heidegger and the Question of Technology
Making Sense by Not Making Sense
At Ease
Aliens Hover
Everything Is Broken
Open Up Your Skull
Nice Dream
They Fed Us on Little White Lies
Back to Save the Universe
Starting and then Stopping
This Machine Will Not Communicate
This Is the Panic Office
I Feel My Luck Could Change
If You Think that Youre Strong Enough
Rhythm and Time Signatures
Time Signature and Mood in Chopin
Knives Out
Up Above Alienation Hovers
Kid Absurdity
Pull Me Out or Leave Me In the Aircrash
Phew for a Minute There I Lost Myself in Technology
A Large Rock Saved My Life
What Was That You Tried to Say?
Epigones in Their Right Place
Dissecting National Anthems
This Ones Optimistic
Youre Living in a Fantasy World
Today I Woke Up Sucking a Grammy
I Wish I Was Special
This Just Feels Like Spinning Plates
Then a Sheer Drop
This Isnt Happening
How to Reappear Completely
Et Cetera Et Cetera
I Am Trapped in This Body and Cant Get Out
You Paint Yourself White
I Follow to the Edge of the Earth and Fall Off
Your Eyes They Turn Me
Theres No Real Reason
The Infrastructure Will Collapse
Kiss Your Husband Goodnight
You Are My Center when I Spin Away
How Come I End Up Where I Started?
Thom Yorke

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