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1861 - Science
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Page 238 - the British Association in the System of Simultaneous Magnética! and Meteorological Observations ;— J. Richardson, MD, Report on the present State of the Ichthyology of New Zealand ;— WS Harris, Report on the Progress of Meteorological Observations at Plymouth ;—Second Report of a Committee appointed to make Experiments on the Growth and Vitality of Seed«; —C.
Page 241 - ;—JB Lawes and Dr. Gilbert, on the Composition of Foods in relation to Respiration and the Feeding of Animals. Together with the Transactions of the Sections, Colonel Sabine's Address, and Recommendations of the Association and its Committees. PROCEEDINGS OF THE TWENTY-THIRD MEETING, at Hull, 1853, Published at 10». 6d. CONTENTS:—Rev. Prof. Powell, Report on Observations of Luminous Meteors,
Page 236 - :—Major E. Sabine, on the Variations of the Magnetic Intensity observed at different points of the Earth's Surface ;—Rev. W. Taylor, on the various modes of Printing for the Use of the Blind ;—JW
Page 239 - Committee appointed to conduct the Co-operation of the British Association in the System of Simultaneous Magnética! and Meteorological Observations;—Lt.-Col. Sabine, on some points in the Meteorology of Bombay;—J. Blake, Report on the Physiological Actions of Medicines ;—Dr. Von
Page 166 - can be inserted. Some are very large. One we measured caused the lip to project two inches beyond the tip of the nose ; when the lady smiled the contraction of the muscles elevated it over the eyes. " Why do the women wear these things : " the venerable chief, Chinsurdi, was asked. Evidently surprised at such a stupid
Page 182 - so far as they depend on the action of the human mind," in order to mark to which of the two great genera of sciences, the Material, or, as they are usually called, the Physical, and the Mental, or, as they are frequently called, the Moral, sciences, Political Economy belongs.
Page 182 - The subjects to which the British Association has directed our attention are Economic Science, and Statistics. Economic Science, or, to use a more familiar name, " The Science of Political Economy," may be defined as " The Science which states the laws regulating the production and"^ distribution of wealth,
Page 239 - Mollusca;—R. Hunt, Researches on the Influence of Light on the Germination of Seeds and the Growth of Plants;—Report of a Committee appointed by the British Association in 1840, for revising the Nomenclature of the
Page 187 - in advance in book attainments. Subsequently industrial occupation was found for the boys, when their time of book instruction was reduced from thirty-six hours a week to eighteen ; and after a while the boys were proved upon examination to have obtained their previous relative position, which was in advance of the girls. The chief circumstances to
Page 187 - is called upon to make any considerable mental exertion. But at every step in the composition of his philosophical works Lord Bacon had to think, and no one can be engaged in that which requires a sustained effort of thought for more than a very limited portion of the twenty-four hours,

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