Report on the Prisons and Reformatories of the United States and Canada: Made to the Legislature of New York, January, 1867

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Van Benthuysen, 1867 - Prisons - 547 pages

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Good review of rules and prison operation in several states, including Mass., during the later 1860's.

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Page 12 - Report on the Penitentiary System in the United States, prepared under a resolution of the Society for the Prevention of Pauperism, in the City of New York. By Charles G. Haines, chairman of
Page 142 - sons of mercy ! yet resume the search, Drag forth the legal monsters into light ; Wrench from their hands oppression's iron rod, And make the cruel feel the pangs they give.
Page 71 - possible, in his own hands; by enabling him, through industry and good conduct, to raise himself, step by step, to a position of less restraint; while idleness and bad conduct, on the other hand, keep him in a state of coercion and restraint. There
Page 70 - Irish system of convict prisons is, upon theĢ whole, the best model of which we have any knowledge: and it has stood the test of experience in yielding the most abundant as well as the best fruits. We believe that in its broad, general principles—not certainly in all its details—it may be
Page 183 - realm. I would there were curates of prisons, that we might say, ' the curate of Newgate,' ' the curate of the Fleet;' and I would have them waged for their labor. It is holy-day work to visit the prisoners, for they be kept from sermons.
Page 82 - the safest manner, by first trying the plan proposed on a small scale and under the best circumstances for insuring trustworthy results, and then, if successful, gradually, under the guidance of experience, extending the sphere of its operations. It is material to remark, though the observation
Page 82 - experiments, no careful deductions, no establishment of broad principles of prison discipline, nor any skillfully devised plans for carrying such principles into effect. But if the construction and management of all our prisons were entrusted to a central board or bureau, improvements of every kind could
Page 52 - out, and various other objections, I would remark that the advantage claimed for it, of greater calmness of demeanor and easier submission to the rules of the place, on the part of the solitary prisoner, has not been realized here. On the contrary, solitude has been found to produce restless irritability and a
Page 150 - I found the Island a turbulent, brutal hell; I left it a peaceful, well-ordered community. The most complete security alike of person and property prevailed. Officers, women and children traversed the Island everywhere without fear; and huts, gardens, stock-yards, and growing crops,
Page 274 - keep the maniac in a prison (which you call an asylum) under similar conditions; you guard against his escape until he is taken from you, either because he is restored to sanity, or has departed to another world. If, gentlemen, innocent misfortune .may and must be so treated, why not

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