Records of the First Church at Dorchester, in New England, 1636-1734

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G.H. Ellis, 1891 - Dorchester (Boston, Mass.) - 270 pages
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Page iv - To the end the body of the commons may be preserved of honest and good men, it was ordered and agreed, that, for the time to come, no man shall be admitted to the freedom of this body politic, but such as are members of some of the churches within the limits of the same.
Page iii - These godly people resolved to live together; and therefore, as they had made choice of those two Reverend servants of God, Mr. John Warham and Mr. John Maverick to be their ministers, so they kept a solemn day of fasting, in the new hospital in Plymouth, in England, spending it in preaching and praying ; where that worthy man of God, Mr.
Page iii - Servants of God, Mr. John Warham and Mr. John Maverick to be their Ministers, so they kept a solemn Day of Fasting in the New Hospital in Plymouth in England, spending it in Preaching and Praying: where that worthy Man of God, Mr.
Page 1 - ... hee hath appointed for his churches here on earth, and to observe all and every of them in such sort as shall bee most agreeable to his will ; opposing to the utmost of or power, whatsoever is contrary thereunto, & bewayling fro or hearts or owne neglect thereof in former tyme, and our polluting o'selves therein wth any sinfull inventions of men. And lastly wee do hereby Coven...
Page 1 - Gods mercyes, & likewise acknowledging or disability to keepe coven' wth God or to p'fourme any spirituall duty wch hee calleth us unto, unlesse the Lord Jesus do enable us thereunto by his spirit dwelling in us, Doe in the name of Cht Jesus or Lord and in trust and confidence of his free grace assisting us freely Coven...
Page iii - So we came, by the good hand of the Lord, through the deeps comfortably...
Page vii - Mather1 and others, of Dorchester, intending to begin a new church there, (a great part of the old one being gone to Connecticut,) desired the approbation of the other churches and of the magistrates; and, accordingly, they assembled this day...
Page 2 - Anne, opposite to each other, in two long columns, being "a list of such as since the constituting or gathering of the church has been added to the church and joyned thereunto as members of the same body, by profession of faith & Repentance & taking hold of the Cov'ent before the Congregation".
Page 2 - Instruction reprehension, exhortacon, consolacon,and spirituall watchfulnes over one another for good ; and to bee subject in and for the Lord to all the Administracons and Censures of the Congregacon, so farre as the same shall bee guided according to the rules of Gods most holy word. Of...
Page 109 - dismissed", ie transferred, from that church for "Y gathering of A church for y South Coralina"8 Two days later, 2nd October, 1695, we read : "ocktnber y 22 being ower lecktuer day was sett apart for the ordering of Mr. Joseph lord for to be pastuer to A church gathered that day for to goe to South Coralina to settell the gospell ther and the names of y...

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