Diary and Letters of Rutherford Birchard Hayes: 1834-1860

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Ohio State ArchŠological and Historical Society, 1922

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Page 141 - Whoever wishes to attain an English style, familiar but not coarse, and elegant but not ostentatious, must give his days and nights to the volumes of Addison...
Page 116 - Chief Justice Marshall was the growth of a century. Providence grants such men to the human family only on great occasions to accomplish its own great ends. Such men are found only when our need is the greatest.
Page 135 - While if the rule makes happiness the test, it will vary as greatly as do men's ideas of this greatest good, and the standard would really be made to depend on the whims, prejudices, and passions of men who are enough under the dominion of these, without constituting them guides. Virtue, he defines, the doing good to man, in obedience to the will of God, for the sake of eternal happiness.
Page 59 - I wish to become a master of logic and rhetoric and to obtain a good knowledge of history. To accomplish these objects I am willing to study hard, in which case I believe I can make, at least, a tolerable debater. It is another intention of mine, that after I have commenced in life, whatever may be my ability or station, to preserve a reputation for honesty and benevolence...
Page 39 - Every single one of my best friends are "gone," as it is called. I attend the meetings and read all the books that my friends request me to, but I find it is the loss of my friends which affects me more than anything else. When the revival began to take the "good...
Page 164 - To overcome long-settled habits, one has almost to change 'the stamp of nature' ; but bad habits must be changed and good ones formed in their stead, or I shall never find the pearls I seek." On January i, 1845, we find this significant entry in his diary. "This is the beginning of the new year. In two or three weeks I shall leave the Law School and soon after shall begin to live. Heretofore I have been getting ready to live. How much has been left undone, it is of no use to reckon. My labors have...
Page 115 - ... studied the text to escape exposing his ignorance ; he keeps the subject constantly in view, never stepping out of his way for the purpose of introducing his own experience. Judge Story, on the other hand, is very general in his questions, so that persons well skilled in nods affirmative, and negative shakings of the head, need never more than glance at the text to be able to answer his interrogatories. He is very fond of digressions to introduce amusing anecdotes, high-wrought eulogies of the...
Page 163 - The result of the Presidential election has disappointed me greatly. I would start in the world without a penny if by my sacrifice Clay could be chosen President.
Page 62 - ... jealousy ; and even when we speak in terms of commendation we are sure to come in with a but at the last, and drive a nail in our neighbor's reputation.
Page 59 - I am determined from henceforth to use what means I have to acquire a character distinguished for energy, firmness, and perseverance.

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