Journal of the Society for Psychical Research

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Society for Psychical Research., 1886 - Parapsychology
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Page 101 - India; the ranks of the enemy broken, their position carried, their guns, ammunition, camp equipage, and baggage, captured, their flying masses driven before the victorious pursuers, from midday to dusk, receiving most severe punishment in their flight...
Page 150 - Meeting had been transacted, addresses were delivered by Sir Laurence Gomme and Dr. Norman, the text of which is reproduced elsewhere in this volume. In reply to a vote of thanks proposed by Sir Laurence...
Page 102 - I repeated there was no one, and got rather cross with the woman, and she begged me to write down the day, for she knew she had seen some one. I did, and in a few days I heard of the death of my brother in Tobago. Now, the curious part is this, that...
Page 409 - ... Now I think it highly improbable that the movement of the juggler entirely escaped the perception of the officer ; highly improbable, that is to say, that the officer was absolutely unaware of the juggler's action at the moment of its happening; but I suppose that, although an impression was made on his consciousness, it was so slight as to be speedily effaced by the officer's imagination of himself as stooping and placing the coin upon the ground. The officer, I may say, had obtained no insight...
Page 272 - In the year 1867 I was married, and my husband took a house at S , quite a new one, just built in what was, and still is probably, called " Cliff Town," as being at a greater elevation than the older part of the town. Our life was exceedingly bright and happy there until towards the end of 1869, when my husband's health appeared to be failing, and he grew dejected and moody. Trying in vain to ascertain the cause for this, and being repeatedly assured by him that I was "too fanciful...
Page 102 - Oh, yes, dere was, missis — a very pale gentleman, very tall, and he talked to you, and you was very rude, for you never answered him." I repeated there was no one, and got rather cross with the woman, and she begged me to write down the day, for she knew...
Page 274 - Willie! Willie!" I looked at my husband and saw that his face was white and agitated. As I turned towards him he sprang out of bed as though to attack the man, but stood by the bedside as if afraid, or in great perplexity, while the figure calmly and slowly moved towards tl1e wall at right angles with the lamp in the direction of the dotted line.
Page 274 - In some such way I pondered with an anxious heart, holding the child, who just then awakened, in my arms, until my husband came back looking very white and miserable. Sitting upon the bedside, he put his arm about me and said, " Do you know what we have seen? " And I said, " Yes, it was a spirit. I am afraid it was Arthur, but could not see his face" — and he exclaimed,
Page 35 - I walked into the dining room and found my wife sitting quietly at her work close to the window, in the same line and distant only 10 or 12 feet from the corresponding window in the breakfastroom. She had heard nothing. I could see that at once ; and from the position in which she was sitting I knew she could not have failed to hear any noise outside and any footstep on the gravel. Perceiving I was alarmed about something, she asked, "What is the matter?
Page 275 - ... could have been the cause of the manifestation, but only, so far as we have been able to judge by subsequent events, a direct warning to my husband in the voice and appearance of the one that he had most reverenced in all his life, and was the most likely to obey.

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