A Correct View of that Part of the United States which Lies West of the Allegany Mountains: With Regard to Religion and Morals

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Peter B. Gleason and Company, printers, 1814 - Missions - 52 pages

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Page 43 - South of New Connecticut, few Bibles or religious tracts have been received for distribution among the inhabitants. The Sabbath is greatly profaned, and but few good people can be found in any one place.
Page 47 - How can you doubt it ? It is for their interest to circulate the Scriptures." Upon this point, our sentiments were hardly in unison. However we felt no disposition to contradict him. We have since called upon the Bishop. He also gave his consent, and said he would contribute in favor of the infant Institution. This disposition in the Catholic priests to favor the circulation of the Scriptures has very much surprised all with whom we have conversed on the subject in the city. The priests acknowledge...
Page 13 - In this connection Mr. Schermerhorn's characterization of the inhabitants in 1812 is interesting. He says, " Those from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, particularly of the Scotch and Irish descent, are very ready to unite in promoting the establishment of schools and in supporting the gospel, whilst those of German extraction, together with emigrants from Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky, are too frequently regardless of both, and too often cherish that high-toned and licentious spirit which will suffer...
Page 47 - Previous to the meeting a constitution had been formed, and was presented for their approbation, should it meet the wishes of those present. The constitution was read and considered, article by article, and adopted. All present appeared much gratified with the opening prospect. "We found that, in order to have the Bible circulate freely, the consent of those high in office must be obtained.
Page 46 - Catholics, ignorant of almost every thing except what relates to the increase of their property ; destitute of schools, Bibles, and religious instruction. In attempting to learn the religious state of these people, we were frequently told, that they had no Bibles, and that the priests did not allow of their distribution among them. An American, who had resided two or...
Page 46 - In attempting to learn the religious state of of these people, we w^ere frequently told, that they had no Bibles, and that the priests did not allow of their distribution among them. An American, who had resided two or three years at a place, which has the appearance of being a flourishing settlement, and which has a Catholic church, informed...
Page 46 - Claiborne, we called upon him in company with a friend. The object of our coming to the place was stated to him, and he approved of it. A proposal for a meeting was readily signed by him and by twelve of the members of the Legislature, who were then in session.
Page 45 - Natchez. Mr. Blackburn introduced us to the General, who, having become acquainted with our design, invited us to take passage on board his boat. We accepted the invitation ; and, after providing some necessary stores for the voyage, and making sale of our horses, we embarked on the 10th of January, 1813.
Page 27 - ... mile or mile alternately prairie and open wood land. The American bottom is said to be the finest body of land to be found in the western country. This territory has only two counties at present, Randolph containing 7,275 inhabitants, embracing the settlements on the Ohio and Kaskaskias, and St. Clair 5,007. embracing the settlements opposite St. Louis and Missouri on the upper settlements. Of this county, Cahokia is the county town. In this whole territory is not a solitary Presbyterian minister,...
Page 44 - We found the inhabitants in a very destitute state ; very ignorant of the doctrines of the Gospel; and in many instances, without Bibles, or any other religious books. The Methodist preachers pass through this country, in their circuits occasionally, There are a number of good people in the Territory, who are anxious to have Presbyterian Ministers amongst them.

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