The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam

Front Cover
Alpha, 2002 - Religion - 383 pages
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Part 1 Introducing Islam p. 1
1 Why Has Islam Become So Important? p. 3
The Muslims Are Coming! p. 4
Why Didn’t I Learn More About Islam in School? p. 5
Muslims, Muslims Everywhere! p. 7
Is There Really a Clash of Civilizations? p. 12
Bridging the Next Gap p. 13
2 Food for the Soul p. 17
The Core Beliefs of Islam p. 18
We All Have the Same God p. 18
The Universe Is Muslim! p. 20
Aladdin Rubbed the Wrong Lamp p. 21
Touched by an Angel p. 22
Accepting the Burden p. 22
Soul Soup p. 24
3 Looking at Life the Islamic Way p. 27
The Three-Fold Journey p. 28
Sin and Redemption p. 30
The Last Payday p. 33
4 All About Allah p. 37
God and Hollywood p. 38
There Is Only One God p. 39
Islam on God p. 40
Pagan Arab Beliefs Before the Coming of Islam p. 41
Do Muslims Believe in Original Sin? p. 43
How Close Is Close? p. 44
Allah Has Many Names p. 45
Part 2 The Spiritual World in Islam p. 47
5 The Four Stages of Life in Islam p. 49
Four Lives for Each Life p. 50
Life in the Womb p. 50
Life in the World p. 54
Careful! You’re Being Watched p. 55
Life in the Grave p. 58
6 Islam on Heaven and Hell p. 63
Why Have a Judgment Day? p. 64
Use Your Time Wisely p. 70
No Dancing with the Devil Here! p. 72
Why Does God Punish? p. 74
7 In the Beginning ... An Islamic Perspective p. 75
The Creation of the Universe p. 76
Islam and Evolution p. 79
Adam and Eve: A New Perspective p. 81
8 The Measurement of Life p. 89
Destiny, Fate, or Free Will--Which Is It? p. 90
It’s Not Written in the Stars p. 90
What You Can and Can’t Do p. 93
9 From Adam to Armageddon p. 99
No Tower of Babel Here p. 100
The Rise of the Prophets p. 101
The End Is Near! p. 104
The Last Day p. 109
Part 3 The Five Pillars of Islam p. 111
10 Declaring Faith in Islam p. 113
Introducing the Five Pillars of Islam p. 114
The Shahadah p. 115
And Muhammad Is His Prophet p. 119
11 Understanding Muslim Prayers p. 123
Supplication Versus Prayer p. 124
The Muslim Call to Prayer p. 128
Humble Pie p. 131
The Prayer Described p. 133
Remembrance of God p. 136
12 Elevating the Soul p. 139
The Burden of Wealth p. 140
The Fast of Ramadan p. 145
Welcoming Ramadan p. 146
The Month of Training p. 148
13 Gathering in Mecca p. 151
Introducing the Hajj Ritual p. 152
The Rituals of Hajj p. 157
14 Uncovering the Real Story About Jihad p. 165
What Is Jihad? p. 166
Social Activism in Islam p. 167
The Myth of the Holy War p. 169
Islam on War p. 171
What Makes a Terrorist? p. 172
Part 4 Islam and Other Religions p. 177
15 It’s All in the Prophets p. 179
All Prophets Are Brothers p. 180
Will the Real Prophet Please Stand Up p. 181
Introducing the Prophets in Islam p. 183
Looking at the Characteristics of the Prophets p. 185
The Books of God p. 188
16 Jews in Islam p. 191
The People of the Book p. 192
Judaism and Islam p. 192
The Qur’an on Judaism p. 196
The Only Muslim-Jewish War p. 197
Jews in the Muslim Empire p. 199
17 Christianity and Islam p. 201
Setting the Stage p. 202
Muhammad and the Monk p. 202
An Interesting Proposal p. 203
Christianity and Jesus in the Qur’an p. 205
Original Sin and All That p. 207
Interfaith Dialogue p. 209
Part 5 Regulating Life Within the Laws of Islam p. 215
18 Exploring the Sources of Islam p. 217
A Closer Look at the Qur’an p. 218
The Teachings of the Prophet p. 225
The Companions of the Prophet p. 228
The ‘Ulema: Scholars of the Faith p. 229
19 Living Islam p. 233
Islam and the Family p. 234
Welcome to My Mosque p. 236
Ceremonies for Life p. 240
Islamic Holidays p. 243
Halal and Haram: What Can a Muslim Do? p. 244
20 Looking at Women in Islam p. 249
Does Islam Teach Inequality? p. 250
Myths About Muslim Women p. 254
Women’s Rights in Islam p. 258
Divorce in Islam p. 261
Islam and the Dress Code p. 263
Part 6 The History of Islam p. 267
21 Muhammad in Mecca p. 269
Arabia: The Birthplace of Islam p. 269
Meet Muhammad’s Parents p. 270
A Prophet Is Chosen p. 272
Muhammad’s Night Journey and Ascension p. 274
The Great Escape! p. 276
22 The Victory of Islam p. 279
The First Islamic State p. 280
The Desperate Times p. 280
The Conquest of Mecca p. 283
Confronting the Superpowers p. 284
Taking Another Look at Muhammad’s Marriages p. 285
The Passing of a Prophet p. 286
23 The Rightly Guided Successors p. 287
Islam on Government p. 288
The Caliphate of Abu Bakr As-Sadeeq p. 289
Umar ibn al Khattab and Persia’s Defeat p. 290
Uthman ibn Affan and the Great Conspiracy p. 291
Ali ibn Abi Talib p. 292
24 Islamic Civilization: The Dynastic Period p. 297
The Umayyads p. 298
The Abbasids and the Mongol Invasions p. 300
The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization p. 300
The Beginnings of Rival Muslim States p. 303
The Crusades p. 306
25 Islam in America p. 309
The Forgotten Religion of African Americans p. 310
The Rise of African American Islam p. 312
Muslim Immigrants and the American Dream p. 315
Caucasian Converts to Islam p. 316
Hispanic Muslims p. 316
Muslim Organizations in North America p. 317
Part 7 The Legacy of Islam p. 319
26 Discover the Influences of Islam p. 321
Charting the Muslim Influence on Europe p. 322
Illuminating the Science Hall of Fame p. 324
Speaking in a Familiar Tongue p. 326
Uncovering the Unique Features of Islamic Civilization p. 327
27 Meet the Islamic Sectarian Movements p. 331
Sectarianism and Islam p. 332
A Quick Look at Early Sects p. 332
The Sunnis and Shi’as p. 334
The Sufi Path p. 337
28 Islam in World Affairs Today p. 343
The Death and Rebirth of Islam p. 344
What Do Muslims Want? p. 346
The Establishment of Israel p. 348
The Iranian Revolution p. 350
The Satanic Verses p. 351
Islam, the Next Chapter p. 352
A The Islamic Calendar p. 355
B Common Prophets in the Qur’an p. 357
C Further Reading p. 359
D Glossary p. 365
Index p. 373

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User Review  - GlennBell - LibraryThing

The author is a convert from Christianity to Islam (Sunni). Yahiya provides an overview of Islam from many perspectives (origins, history, future, sects, beliefs, and lifestyles). He provides a ... Read full review

Good basic book on Islam

User Review  - Tazmeen - Borders

This is a great book for every Muslim - may they be born Muslims or converts. It provides an overview of various aspects of Islam - history, spread, pillars of Islam, life in Islam, the Prophets etc ... Read full review

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About the author (2002)

Yahiya Emerick is an American convert to Islam who has been involved in interfaith issues and education since 1990. He has a graduate degree in history, has authored 14 books for adults and children, and has been published in many magazines, including the Journal for Religion and Education.

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