Annual Reports of the Secretary of War, Volume 9

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Page 209 - Office, 1863, which order promulgates the instructions for the government of the armies of the United States in the field.
Page 520 - The civil rights and political status of the native inhabitants of the territories hereby ceded to the United States shall be determined by the Congress.
Page 269 - Commanding officers will also see that orders are at once given and distributed to all the inhabitants' within the jurisdiction of towns over which they exercise supervision, informing them of the danger of remaining outside of these limits, and that unless they move by December 25 from outlying barrios and districts, with all their movable food supplies, including rice, palay, chickens, live stock, etc., to within the limits of the zone established at their own or nearest town, their property (found...
Page 490 - Accept for the army under your command, and express to General Davis and Colonel Baldwin especially, my congratulations and thanks for the splendid courage and fidelity which have again carried our flag to victory. Your fellow-countrymen at home will ever reverence the memory of the fallen and be faithful to the survivors, who have themselves been faithful unto death for their country's sake.
Page 562 - With a people who have no conception of government that is not arbitrary and absolute; who hold human life as no more sacred than the life of an animal ; who have become accustomed to acts of violence ; who are constrained by fear from continuing the practice of piracy; who still carry on slave trade ; who habitually raid the homes of mountain natives and enslave them; who habitually make slaves of their captives in war — even when of their own race; who not uncommonly make delivery of their own...
Page 520 - ... offenders, who will be delivered to the government of the Sultan by the United States authorities if in their possession. In all other cases persons charged with crimes or offenses will be delivered to the United States authorities for trial and punishment.
Page 494 - ... the utmost skill, and are admired by all strangers. A race of men who are capable of doing all this and who possess many manly qualities, should be kept alive and not shot down in war. They should be aided and encouraged and taught how to improve their own natural and social condition, and benefit us at the same time. Mohammedans in Turkey and India and Java have proved to be industrious and useful members of the communities. Mohammedan Malays in Sarawak, a British Protectorate in Borneo, perform...
Page 234 - ... men in the field. The officers of my command have worked faithfully and conscientiously under the weight of much discouragement, in the face of annoying opposition from the provincial governor referred to, and are deserving of much credit for the results accomplished. The foregoing quotations are from information conveyed by Brigadier-General Bell, and are embodied in this report in order that a more complete understanding may be had of the conditions that existed in the provinces of Batangas,...
Page 520 - Calbi, and the Dato Joakanain on the one part, and myself, as representing the United States, on the other, except as to the tenth article, which reads as follows : " Every slave in the archipelago of Jolo shall have the right to purchase freedom by paying to the master the usual market value.
Page 213 - As soon as peace has been established they will be encouraged to go to their former homes and be protected in their property and rights. As long as the war still actively exists, it is not necessary to seek or wait for authority from these headquarters to do anything or take any action which will contribute to its termination. It is desired that all battalion commanders give to their subordinate officers a degree of confidence and latitude in operations, such as is accorded to them by the brigade...

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