The Maids Tragedy

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General Books LLC, 2010 - Drama - 78 pages
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Excerpt: ... years, through all My honour'd scars, to come to such a parly. Evad. I understand you not. Mel. You dare not, Fool; They that commit thy faults, fly the remembrance. Evad. My faults, Sir! I would have you know I care not If they were written here, here in my forehead. Mel. Thy body is too little for the story, The lusts of which would fill another woman, Though she had Twins within her. Evad. This is saucy; Look you intrude no more, there lies your way. Mel. Thou art my way, and I will tread upon thee, Till I find truth out. Evad. What truth is that you look for? Mel. Thy long-lost honour: would the Gods had set me One of their loudest bolts; come tell me quickly, Do it without enforcement, and take heed You swell me not above my temper. Evad. How Sir? where got you this report? Mel. Where there was people in every place. Evad. They and the seconds of it are base people; Believe them not, they lyed. Mel. Do not play with mine anger, do not Wretch, I come to know that desperate Fool that drew thee From thy fair life; be wise, and lay him open. Evad. Unhand me, and learn manners, such another Forgetfulness forfeits your life. Mel. Quench me this mighty humour, and then tell me Whose Whore you are, for you are one, I know it. Let all mine honours perish but I'le find him, Though he lie lockt up in thy blood; be sudden; There is no facing it, and be not flattered; The burnt air, when the Dog raigns, is not fouler Than...

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