A shilling cookery for the people

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Geo. Routledge & Company, 1854 - Cooking, English - 214 pages

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Page 193 - years ago by WILLIAM S. BURTON, when plated by the patent process of Messrs. Elkington and Co., is beyond all comparison the very best article next to sterling silver that can be employed as such, either usefully or ornamentally, as by no possible test can it be distinguished from real silver.
Page 189 - secures equal advantages to the Savings of the Provident and the Capital of the Affluent, and to effect important improvements in the present system of Monetary economy, both as regards the security afforded to the Public and the rate of Interest realized. The plan of this Association differs materially from that of ordinary Banks
Page 40 - till your liver is quite cooked. Press on it with a spoon, so as to get as much oil into the tapioca as possible. After taking away the liver, mix the tapioca. If too thick, add a little milk, then boil it a few minutes;
Page 3 - Among all the arts known to man there is none which enjoys a juster appreciation, and the products of which are more universally admired, than that which is concerned in the preparation of our food. Led by an instinct, which has almost reached the dignity of conscious knowledge, as the unerring guide, and
Page 117 - remain two minutes upon the slab, then have a pound of fresh butter, from which you have squeezed all the buttermilk in a cloth, bringing it to the same consistency as the paste, upon which place it; press it out flat with the hand, then fold over the edges of the paste so as to hide the butter, and
Page 40 - quarts of water. When nearly done, remove three parts of the water; then put over your rice a pound of cod's liver, cut in large dice. Put the saucepan in a slow oven for about thirty minutes, by which time it will be nicely cooked. Then take the liver out,
Page 201 - DEANE, DRAY, and CO. have always on sale Table and Dessert Spoons and Forks, in all the newest and most approved silver patterns; also Tea and Coffee Sets, Liqueur-stands, Cruets, CandleSticks, Cake-baskets, and every article usually produced in silver. This beautiful manufacture is celebrated for its peculiar purity and
Page 90 - Mutton (leg of eight pounds), will take one hour and a half, eighteen inches from the fire. Saddle, ten pounds, one hour and a quarter to one hour and a half, eighteen inches, measuring from the flat surface. Shoulder, one hour and a half. Loin, one hour and a half. Breast,

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