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Onondaga, where the most interest and fervor are manifest. An earnest appeal is made to Christians in France, to contribute funds for the redemption of the Christian captives (largely Huron) who are held in slavery by the Iroquois. The mission begun by Chaumonot and Ménard among the Cayugas is described, in a letter written by Ménard. At first they are coldly received; but the chiefs are friendly, and soon a little group of converts is gathered; many others bring their children for baptism. Ménard returns to Onondaga after a few months; but at the urgent request of the Cayugas, he soon goes back to them, and his labors meet with great success.

R. G. T. Madison, Wis., April, 1899.

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XCIV.- Lettre du R. P. Paul le Jeune, S.J., à la R. M. Supe

rieure de l'Hotel-Dieu à Kebec. n.p., March,


XCV.- Journal des PP. Jésuites, en l'année 1657

SOURCES : In publishing Doc. XCIV., we follow the original MS. in the archives of St. Mary's College, Montreal. Doc. XCV., we obtain from the original MS. in the library of Laval University, Quebec.

Lettre du R. Père Paul le Jeune, S.J., à la R. Mère Superieure de l'Hotel

Dieu à Kebec.

IV Jesus soit vre salut. voicy L abbregé d'vne

plus grande Lettre que ie vous ay escrit. J'ay fait tenir a m* Grignon Sooft pour l'execution de vre memoire apres auoir toutes vos Rescriptions. Je feray tenir le reste que i'auray d'argent a vos seurs de Dieppe tant pour vre memoire que pour le passage des saurs qu'elles vous enuoyent.

J'ay informé Mada. d'eguillon de tous vos affaires Je luy ay fait voir vre facture et les comptes que ie vous enuois vous resterés Redeuables si elle ny pouruoit.

Vous faites bien de faire receuoir l'an prochain et les annees suiuantes yre argent par vos seurs de paris et de leur addresser vos Rescriptions, mais gardés pour ces Rescriptions ce que i'en ay escrit au P. Richard. Ma chere mere c'est le meilleur d'addresser vre petit fait a vos bonnes meres elles vous affectionnent Je leur donneray les aumosnes qu'on maddresse pour vous.

Je n'ay point ouý parler de Sans soucy ie ne scay ou il est Le P Lyonne va à misk8 il ma dit qu'il escriroit aux peres a Kebec. J'ay témoigné a Jaques cottret la satisfaction que vous aués reçue de Luy. Pour vre Retable Je ne scay où vous trouuerés de

Letter of Rev. Father Paul le Jeune, S.J., to the Reverend Mother Superior of the

Hotel-Dieu at Kebec.

IVI Jesus be your salvation. Here is The

summary of a longer Letter that I wrote to


I have forwarded to monsieur Grignon 800 livres in settlement of your account; after having all your Orders, I will forward what money I have remaining, to your sisters of Dieppe, - both for your account and for the passage-money of the sisters whom they are sending you.

I have informed Madame d'eguillon about all your affairs. I have shown her your bill, and the accounts that I send you; you will remain Accountable unless she provide for them.

You do well to have your money received, next year and in subsequent years, by your sisters at paris, and to address your Orders to them; but observe in regard to these Orders what I have written to Father Richard. My dear mother, it is best to address your little account to your good mothers; they are well disposed to you. I will give them the alms which are sent to me for you.

I have not heard mention of Sans soucy; I know not where he is. Father Lyonne is going to miskou. He told me that he would write to the fathers at Kebec. I have assured Jaques cottret of the satis

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