Geōponika: Agricultural Pursuits, Volume 1

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author, 1805 - Agriculture - 639 pages

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Page 128 - All ancient writers agree that scions of one genus may be engrafted on stocks of another. Florentinus says, " if you graft the vine on the cherry, you will have very early grapes ; for, at the season in which the cherry-tree has been accustomed to produce its own fruit, it will, at the same period, afford grapes — that is, in the spring.
Page 16 - Leo, there will be an abundant crop of corn, and plenty of oil and wine, and all provisions will be cheap. There will be tumults and slaughter, and the appearance of a king, and uncertain weather; and one nation will invade another, and there will be earthquakes and inundations : but being in Virgo, there will be abundance of rain, joy, death pf women in childbed ; slaves and four-footed beasts will be cheap.
Page 17 - Aquarius, the dissolution of a tyrant will happen, the wheat will be injured ; there will be an incursion of locusts, and little rain, and pestilential diseases : if it rises when the Moon is in Pisces, there will be plenty of rain, and destruction to the feathered race ; and there will be plenty of wine and corn, but disease among the human race.
Page 17 - Sagittarius, there will be a plentiful year, and many showers, and abundance of corn, and joy to the human race, but havock in the herd, and a plentiful increase of the feathered tribe : if it rises when the Moon is in...
Page 174 - There is likewise a certain antipathy, if the skin of a seal is perforated and stretched round a sieve, and the seed is caused to pass through the sieve, and the ground is sown. This same thing likewise precludes hail from falling, affording relief by some natural antipathy.
Page 240 - Thai a person drinking much wine may not be inebriated." "Having roasted the lights of a goat, eat them ; or, when fasting, eat five or seveii bitter almonds; or hrst, eat raw cabbage, and you will not be inebriated.
Page 253 - The Preparation of Coan Wine. * Some boil three parts of must and one of sea water into a third of the quantity ; but others mix with two measures of white vine one cotyla of salt, three cotylae of sapa, one cotyla of must, one cotyla of flour of orobus, one hundred dramsof mclliot, sixteen dram
Page 226 - AN EFFICACIOUS INSCRIPTION, THAT THE WINE MAY NOT TURN * THE wine cannot possibly turn, if you inscribe on the vessel or on the casks these pious words : " Taste1, and see that Jehovah is good ;" and you wiH £ ie when they are not fermenting.
Page 286 - When you then see the olives beginning to exhibit signs of maturity, order the boys or the labourers to gather them from the tree...
Page 252 - Indian leaf, nine drams of melilot, two drams of Indian nard, three drams of cinnamon wood. Some also add four drams of each of these, of myrrh, cassia, crocus. Some use the sweet-scented calamus instead of myrrh..

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