The works of Peter Pindar, Esq

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Page 158 - How now," the light-toed, white-wash'd pilgrim broke, "You lazy lubber!" "Odds curse it!" cried the other, "'tis no joke; My feet, once hard as any rock, Are now as soft as blubber. " Excuse me, Virgin Mary, that I swear : As for...
Page 53 - Thy portraits, Chamberlin, may be A likeness, far as I can see ; But, faith ! I cannot praise a single feature : Yet, when it so shall please the Lord To make his people out of board, Thy pictures will be tolerable nature...
Page 150 - This rascal stole the razors, I suppose. " No matter if the fellow be a knave, Provided that the razors shave, It certainly will be a monstrous prize.
Page 60 - Sir JOSHUA'S happy pencil hath produc'd A hoft of Copyifts, much of the fame feature ; By which the art hath greatly been abus'd : I own Sir JOSHUA great ; but Nature greater.
Page 181 - Muse, the look, the very look, That of the Sovereign's face possession took, When first he saw the Louse, in solemn state, Grave as a Spaniard, march across the plate.
Page 284 - VERONICA, juft four months old ; This name VERONICA, a name though quaint, Belong'd originally to a Saint ; But to my old Great Grandam it was giv'n ; As fine a woman as e'er went to Heav'n ; And what muft add to her importance much, This lady's genealogy was Dutch. The man who did...
Page 68 - And, Sister, here, upon my word; Here, here, look; here are beauties to delight: Why, how a body's heels might dance Along from Launceston to Penzance, Before that one might meet with such a sight!' — 'Come, Ladies, 'twill be dark,' cried I, 'I fear: Pray let us view St Paul's, it is so near.
Page 260 - Methinks I view his full plain suit of brown, The large grey bushy wig that graced his crown, Black worsted stockings, little silver buckles, And shirt that had no ruffles for his knuckles. I mark the brown great-coat of cloth he wore, That two huge Patagonian pockets bore, Which Patagonians (wondrous to unfold!) Would fairly both his Dictionaries hold.
Page 149 - That have not tafted victuals for a week. But yet there are a mercenary crew, Who value fame no more than an old fhoe ; Provided for their daubs they get a fale; Juft like the man— but ftay— I'll tell the tale, A fellow in a market town, Moft...
Page 264 - When fhall thy volume * burft the gates of light ? Oh, cloth'd in calf, ambitious brat, be born — Our kitchens, parlours, libraries, adorn ! My fancy's keen anticipating eye, A thoufand charming anecdotes can fpy: I read, I read of G — ge the learn'df- difplay On Lowth's and Warburton's immortal fray : Of G — ge, whofe brain, if right the mark I hit. Forms one huge Cyclopaedia of wit ; That holds the...

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