The Statue: A Story of International Intrigue and Mystery

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Moffat, Yard, 1908 - 340 pages
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Page 134 - How will you manage that ? You will go to the ballroom, I suppose. You can go where you please, of course." " Oh no ! Fm not grand enough to be invited. Oh, dear no ! At least I am not old enough." " But you will be some day." " I don't know. Perhaps. We'll see. Meantime we must make the best of it. What are you going to do ?" " I shall go back to the library.
Page 158 - I have a warrant for your arrest on the charge of murdering the late Carl Courlander. And I warn you that anything you say now may be used against you later.
Page 255 - England was indefensible and highly dangerous, he had never been able to persuade any ministry to do anything. He could not understand his failure. He was an accomplished financier, but he had lived to sixty-five without learning that political questions are decided by instinct, a polite name for prejudice, and not by reason.
Page 91 - The Regalia is the oldest chophouse in London; there are twelve other oldest chophouses in London. It is very difficult to find. It had existed a hundred and fifty years before the first customer found it.
Page 185 - What did he say to you ?— He asked me if I had heard any news. I told him no : he said, " there was something very particular on the carpet.
Page 145 - ... her elbows on the table and her chin in the palms of her hands. "Stay there, Maurice/" she said in a low voice, with burning eyes, "while I talk to you.
Page 158 - What the devil has that got to do with you ? " he said, slowly. " Are you crazy ? " "To do with me,
Page 209 - It makes no difference to me now whether I live or die.
Page 243 - Cabinet meetings have been held in various parts of the country; in the Cockpit, in the old Foreign Office, in the new Foreign Office, in the garden of No.
Page 197 - I cannot allow a moment to elapse without telling you how very sorry I am to hear of the death of your daughter at Parame.

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