Out-of-Field Teaching Across Teaching Disciplines and Contexts

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Linda Hobbs, Raphaela Porsch
Springer Nature, Feb 18, 2022 - Education - 381 pages
This edited book is a compilation of research by the members of the Out-of-Field Teaching Across Specialisations (OOF-TAS) Collective, and is the second book by the Collective. It extends from the work begun in the 2019 book, Examining the Phenomenon of “Teaching Out-of-Field” by showcasing the broad range of research agendas and findings relating to this phenomenon internationally. This book provides research and commentary relating to the out-of-field teaching phenomenon in primary, secondary and tertiary education, and across different subjects. It provides snapshots of the effects, causes, measurement, and other characteristics of out-of-field teaching in and across contexts, including states and countries, school types and school levels, subjects and specializations. The different chapters provide commentary at different units of analysis, and focus on: the effects of out-of-field teaching for teachers and their students; the school contexts/cultures that do or do not support them; the leadership practices that assign the teachers to out-of-field subjects; and the systems that create/perpetuate the need for out-of-field teaching assignments. Chapter 15 is available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via link.springer.com.


1 Challenging the Representations and Assumptions of OutofField Teaching
An Imperative for Research Policy and Practice
The Hidden Cost of Teacher Misassignment
Australian Evidence from PISA 2015
Part II Personal Contexts
Implications and Possibilities
Differences in Professional Characteristics and Effects on SelfAssessed Instructional Quality
Insights into a QualitativeReconstructive Documentary Method Study
Narratives from Lateral Entrants of Their Experienced Biographical Transition into the Teaching Profession in Germany
An Examination of the Development of OutofField Mathematics Teachers Professional SelfUnderstanding
13 Transitioning into the Profession with an OutofField Teaching Load
The Case of Teaching Mathematics as a Second Subject in Poland
Part IV Teaching Practice Contexts
15 Investigating the SelfEfficacy Beliefs and Classroom Practices of OutofField InField and Upskilled Mathematics Teachers
16 Elementary SchoolAppropriate and Algebraic Solutions of OutofField Teachers and Preservice Teachers in Comparison
What Knowledge Matters?

A Reflexive Bricolage of Identity
Part III Professional Learning Contexts
Support Mechanisms Satisfaction and Retention
10 Collaborative Content Representation Design to Support Outoffield Teachers Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Science
Synthesis and Future Directions
OutofField Teaching in Mathematics Australian Evidence from PISA 2015

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About the author (2022)

Associate Professor Linda Hobbs has conducted a range of educational projects, evaluations and other initiatives. She works closely with researchers and academics, school teachers, pre-service teachers, the Victorian Government Department of Education, and key stakeholders with interests in education, both nationally and internationally. Hobbs leads a strategic program of research exploring the complexity of issues surrounding out-of-field teaching, investigating teachers’ experiences, policy settings, principal attitudes and school culture structures, and evaluating programs specifically targeting needs of out-of-field teachers. She contributes to leadership of a world-wide research agenda by initiating and co-convening the Out-of-field-Teaching Across Specialisations (OOF-TAS) Collective, an international group focusing on research and practice relating to out-of-field teaching. Hobbs has delivered professional development programs for primary and secondary science and STEM teachers. She has a history of leading or contributing to evaluations of government, public and other types of education initiatives.
Professor Raphaela Porsch is a full professor of education at the University of Magdeburg, Germany. She has conducted a number of empirical studies in the field of education. Her research interests include teacher education, teaching out-of-field/teaching across specializations, academic emotions, transition after primary school, school dropout, and (early) foreign language teaching. Porsch has worked in national large-scale assessment as well as in projects on school development. She has initiated a network of researchers from various disciplines who are concerned with out-of-field teaching in the German speaking countries, and is regularly contributing nationally and internationally with publications and presentations to extend knowledge about the specific situation in Europe. She is the editor of several anthologies on educational topics such as transition after primary school and teaching out-of-field.

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