Car Builders' Cyclopedia of American Practice, Volume 3

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Simmons-Boardman, 1895 - Railroad cars
Definitions and typical illustrations of railroads and industrial cars, their parts and equipment; cars built in America for export to foreign countries; descriptions and illustrations of shops and equipment employed in the construction and repair of cars.

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Page 63 - If the company on whose lines the car is destroyed elects to rebuild either body or trucks, or both, the original plan of construction must be followed, and the original kind and qualities of materials used. The rebuilding must be completed within 60 days from the original date of damage or destruction.
Page 61 - A car unsafe to load on account of general wornout condition, due to age or decay, shall be reported to its owner, who must be advised of all existing defects. If the owner elects to have it sent home, he shall furnish two home cards, noting upon them existing defects and the route over which the car is to be returned to its owner.
Page 137 - Lord one thousand nine hundred and between party of the first part, and party of the second part...
Page 62 - Repairs to foreign cars shall be promptly made, and the work shall conform in detail to the original construction...
Page 137 - The party of the first part hereby agrees, on presentation of the statement above mentioned, to pay the party of the second part any balance due from lack of sufficient service on the part of the wheels (with above exceptions), to balance the charge, and the party of the second part hereby agrees to pay to the party of the first part any balance due as shown by the aforesaid statement, settlements to be made quarterly.
Page 64 - ... to facilitate the revision of the rules at the annual conventions of the Association, an Arbitration Committee of five representative members shall be appointed annually by the Executive Committee; three members of this committee to constitute a quorum. In case of any dispute or question arising under the rules between the subscribers to said rules, the same may be submitted to this committee through the secretary, in abstract...
Page 137 - ... wheel break in two or more pieces with less than the required number of blows, then a second wheel shall be taken from the same lot and similarly tested. If the second wheel stands the test, it shall be optional with the inspector whether he shall test a third wheel or not, if he does not so elect, or if he does and the third wheel stands the test, the hundred wheels shall be accepted.
Page 50 - ... for hollow projectiles, which explode the charge when an object is struck ; the electric ˇfuse, which is ignited by the passage of an electric...
Page 136 - ... to rest upon. It shall be struck centrally on the hub by a weight of one hundred and forty (14o) pounds falling from a height of twelve (12) feet. Should this wheel stand five (5) blows without breaking into two or more pieces, the hundred wheels shall be accepted.
Page 51 - The term is almost synonymous with truss. Thus, engineers speak of a "Howe truss," a "Pratt truss," a "Warren girder," and a " lattice girder." The distinction is that a truss consists of separate parts held together by pins, or even simply by pressure, which may be taken down and re-erected ; whereas a girder is a single solid structure, either all one solid piece (rolled girder), or of plates riveted together (plate girder), or of combined plates and riveted lattice work (lattice girder).

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