Essentials of Sheet Metal Work and Pattern Drafting: An Elementary and Advanced Course for Vocational and Trade Students and Apprentices; Also for Sheet Metal Workers, Contractors and Instructors

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F.J. Drake & Company, 1918 - Sheet-metal work - 177 pages
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Page 106 - ... cylinders, while C represents an intersected right cone. The method of obtaining the patterns for the hand scoop is clearly shown in Fig. 25; these principles are applicable to any form of hand scoop. First draw the side view of the scoop as shown, inline with which place the half section; divide this into a number of equal spaces as shown by the figures 1 to 7. Fig. 24.
Page 76 - First draw the half section of the bottom of the lip, which will also be the half section of the top of the measure, as shown by the figures 1'
Page 127 - B represents the plan of the base of the cone, whose circumference is divided into equal spaces. As the intersection of both halves of the cone are symmetrical, it will be necessary to divide only half of plan B as shown by the small figures 1 to 7. From these points, erect lines parallel to the axis of the cone, intersecting the base line of the cone. From these points draw lines to apex F, intersecting the line, DE as shown. From the intersections thus obtained on the line DE and at right...
Page 143 - A curved line traced through these points of intersection will give the miter line between the two pipes.
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