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S. Sonnenschein, 1903 - History - 306 pages

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Page 208 - And they blessed Rebekah and said unto her ... let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them.
Page 67 - ... the crown and the church. The ground of the quarrel was an attempt made by the king to effect, in some degree, a religious toleration. By the celebrated Test and Corporation Acts, it had been ordered that all persons who were employed by government should be compelled, under a heavy penalty, to receive the sacrament according to the rites of the English church. The offence of James was that he now issued what was called a Declaration of Indulgence, in which he announced his intention of suspending...
Page 107 - Cologne, the King of Bohemia, the Duke of Saxony, the Count Palatine of the Rhine, and the Margrave of Brandenburg. The chosen candidate on election at Frankfort on the Rhine takes the title of King of the Romans...
Page 184 - Pacific (1879-1881) between Chile on the one side and Peru and Bolivia on the other.
Page 20 - January 1, 1901, by the federation of the colonies of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania...
Page 31 - ... were bound together by the desire for the establishment of the Catholic religion and a belief in the despotic right of kings. 288 : 17-21. Reference to the attempt to prove that Monmouth was the legitimate son of Charles II. 288 : 33. Black box. "A box said to have contained the marriage certificate of Charles II. and Lucy Waters, the mother of the Duke of Monmouth, and to have been stolen from her. Had the documents it purported to contain have been forthcoming, they would of course have established...
Page 214 - Acts of tenant. A covenant to keep the premises in good repair, and surrender the same in as good condition as reasonable use thereof will permit, does not obligate the tenant to restore the premises to the condition in which they were at the time of the lease, where the necessity of restoration is due to alterations which the tenant made under the authority of the lease.
Page 261 - Netherlands. See CHARLES II. ( 2 ) The alliance formed in 1717 between England, France, and Holland, guaranteeing the clauses of the Treaty of Utrecht referring to the English Protestant succession, the French succession, and the renunciation by Spain of her claims to the throne of France. It was intended as a counterpoise to the alliance of Russia, Sweden, and Spain. By the adhesion of Austria in 1718, it became the Quadruple Alliance ( qv ) . (3) The alliance of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay in...
Page 270 - ... and the subject of dispute as before was immediately connected with the law of patronage. Dr Chalmers, the most distinguished minister in Scotland, added the whole weight of his influence to the popular party, and in 1834 an interim act of Assembly was passed, known as the Veto Act, which declared it to be a fundamental law of the church that no pastor should be intruded on any congregation contrary to the will of the people, and laid down certain rules for carrying out this principle.
Page 117 - ... Herts), and there he describes himself as ' yoman.' His property was copyhold and consisted of three crofts called Warrens, of 6 acres, a house called Slowhouse with 14 acres and another holding of 16 acres. He left his kine to his wife ' to give or sell dischargynge the hereatts,' the ancient tribute due to the Lord of the Manor on the death of a tenant.

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