America's Story for America's Children, Volume 2

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Page 152 - ... College of, 171. Williams, Roger, 88-91. his opinions, 88. settles Providence, 89. grants perfect religious freedom, 89 friend of the Indians, 90. Winthrop, John, 87-88. a typical Puritan, 87. Wolfe, General James, 182. Yale College founded, 142. Yorktown surrender, 208-210. Key to Pronunciation. The dot under any vowel, thus a, indicates its abbreviation and lightening without loss of its distinctive quality. The double dot under any vowel, thus a, indicates that it takes the short u sound of...
Page 9 - Skraellings' ships were seen coming from the south like a rushing torrent, all the poles turned from the sun, and they all yelled very loud.
Page 61 - THE CITY OF MEXICO UNDER THE CONQUERORS From the engraving in the Niewe Wereld of Montanus.
Page vii - The Coronado Expedition," in The Fourteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, p.
Page 63 - CANNON OF THE TIME OF CORTES After Van Menken. There are in the na.val museum at Annapolis guns captured in the Mexican War supposed to be those used by Cortes to retreat to escape capture.
Page 24 - One day the sailors, terror-stricken, suddenly stopped their work; they fell upon their knees and wailed, and moaned, and begged to be sent back to Spain. And all because they saw fire and smoke in the distance ! " Silence, foolish men ! " thundered the captain. " It is but a volcano ! Had you ever been out to sea, you would have known this.
Page 25 - We have reached the sea of calm ! " they wailed. " There is no wind and there will be no more wind ! " " We are in the shallow water near the edge of the earth.
Page 21 - ... wealth and glory, so he wrote to Queen Isabella in favor of Columbus. II The war against the Moors went on, and nearly two years more passed by before Columbus could get a hearing. At last his plans were laid before some learned men. Most of these men ridiculed his ideas. But one Diego, a friar and the COLUMBUS EXPLAINING HIS PLAN TO THE MONKS OF BURGOS. . After the picture by FM Dumond. tutor of one of the royal princes, believed that Columbus was right, and persuaded the king and queen not...
Page 148 - I, pages 437-41, 451-8 (Houghton Mifflin, 1892). It was on this occasion that Isabella asked, with some indignation, "Who has empowered my admiral thus to dispose of my subjects?" The elder Las Casas gave the Indian to his son, who soon became warmly interested in him and in his race; and as the father retained an estate in Hispaniola, the son came out with Ovando in 1502 and settled in that island.

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