A Bibliographical and Critical Account of the Rarest Books in the English Language: Nash-Rush

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D. G. Francis, 1866 - Early printed books
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Page 5 - NASH. THOMAS. — The Returne of the renowned Cavaliero Pasquill of England from the other side of the Seas, and his meeting with Marforius at London upon the Royal Exchange. Where they encounter with a little houshold talke of Martin and Martinisme &c. If my
Page 273 - die And give the world the lie. " Say to the Court it glowes, And shines like rotten wood: Say to the Church it showes Whats good, and doth
Page 286 - London) and to feed upon all men: to let none feed upon thee: to make thy hand a stranger to thy pocket, thy heart slow to perform thy tongues promise; and when thou feelest thy purse well lined,
Page 264 - These painted faces which they weare, can any tell from whence they cam? Don Sathan, Lord of fayned lyes, All these new fangeles did devise. " These glittering cawles of golden plate, wherewith their heads are richlie dect, Make them to
Page 286 - made thee proud with speaking their words on the stage." — "Sir, I thank you (quoth the player) for this good council: I promise you I will make use of it; for I have heard, indeed, of some that
Page 321 - RICRAFT, JOSIAH. — A Survey of Englands Champions, and Truths faithfull Patriots. Or a Chronologicall Recitement of the principall proceedings of the most worthy Commanders of the prosperous Armies raised for the preservation of Religion &c. By Josiah Ricraft.
Page 56 - 67 Englishmen, which were sent for a supply to the planting in Guiana in the yeare 1605. Who not finding the saide place, were for want of victuall, left a shore in Saint Lucia, an Island of
Page 278 - RALEIGH, SIR WALTER. — Newes of S r Walter Rauleigh. With the true Description of Guiana : As also a Relation of the excellent Government, and much hope of the prosperity of the Voyage &c. From the River Caliana, on the Coast of Guiana,
Page 291 - he wolde ride v or vj myle from his howse, nowe to this paryshe churche, nowe to that, and there cause one or other of his doctours to make a sermone vnto the people. He sat amonges them, and sayd masse
Page 132 - Englands Parnassus: or the choysest Flowers of our Moderne Poets, with their Poetical comparisons. Descriptions of Bewties, Personages, Castles, Pallaces, Mountaines, Groves, Seas, Springs, Rivers, &c.