Father-Child Relations: Cultural and Biosocial Contexts

Barry S. Hewlett
Transaction Publishers, 1 Σεπ 2010 - 376 σελίδες
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Due to a greater involvement of American fathers in the direct care of their children in recent years, interest in the impact and nature of the father's role in nurturing children has increased. While studies about fathers in the industrialized, literate West have proliferated, little is known about the role of fathers in the preliterate, non-Western world. This collection examines the diversity of paternal roles found in human cultures among various types of societies that are very peaceful and those that actively engage in warfare as a mode of existence.

Father-Child Relations recognizes the importance of understanding both biological and cultural aspects of the father's role. Many of the contributors utilize evolutionary or biosocial models, including those of developmental psychology, to examine the father's role, while others rely upon the symbolic analysis of cultural and social anthropology. One chapter is devoted to male-infant relationships in nonhuman primates, a further largely ignored comparative perspective.

The anthropologists who have contributed to this collection are field workers who have lived intimately over significant periods of time with the people about whom they are writing. These research reports from the field have been edited to make them wholly accessible to the non-specialist. The contributors of this volume recognize that biology and ideology are intertwined; both together influence the father's behavior and the effects of his behavior.


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MaleInfant Relationships in Nonhuman Primates Paternal Investment or Mating Effort?
Paternal Effect on Offspring Survivorship among Ache and Kiwi HunterGatherers Implications for Modeling PairBond Stability
Paternal Care in a Caribbean Village
Fatherhood by Rank on Ifaluk
If You Have a Child You Have a Life Demographic and Cultural Perspectives on Fathering in Old Age in Kung Society
HusbandWife Reciprocity and the FatherInfant Relationship among Aka Pygmies
Gender Differences in the Perception of Ideal Family Size in an Australian Aboriginal Community
The Cultural Foundations of Fathers Roles Evidence from Kenya and the United States
Male Care among lifeForagers and Lese Farmers
Gukwelonone The Game of Hiding Fathers and Seeking Sons among the Ongee of Little Andaman
Fathering in an Egalitarian Society
Fathers and Childcare among the Cagayan Agta
Perceptions of Parenting among the Nso of Cameroon
FatherChild Relations in Urban China
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Fathers in Childrens Environments A Four Culture Study

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