Romances of Chivalry Told and Illustrated in Facsimile

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T.F. Unwin, 1887 - 356 pages

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Page 314 - This sayd the lady, for very grete pyte that she had upon hym, for bycause she had gyuen hym to the deuyll in his concepcyon. Robert answerde his moder with an hevy and a...
Page 311 - ... fader, and that his fader had sent out men to take hym, wherefore all them that he coude gete, he put out theyr eyen, and so he toke the men that his fader sende for hym, and put out theyr eyen in despyte of his fader ; and whan he had thus blynded his fader's...
Page 140 - But once a daye wiihouten messe ' Of wheat bran he had a messe ; Breae or corne ete he none, But of water he had great wone ; * Rattes and myse and suche smal dere Was his meate that seven yere. During this time how fared Josian ? She soon missed her lover, and straitly asked her father what had become of him ; and he falsely answered that he had gone to live on his estate in England, where he had married a king's daughter. Than was Josian full of wo. And to her chamber she did go, And wept sore...
Page 338 - ... with the white rod in his hande ; as he did to the lord, and there stode one folishe gentilwoman with the lady, and she said, that she saw no painting on the wall, and the other spake not one worde. And then thought Howleglas, wyl this foole tel truthe: then must I 1 Swarthy, or dark.
Page 201 - That out of prison thou shouldest be, But in my chamber holde the styll And I shall wete my doughter's wyll. So he went to see his daughter, but, passing under her window, he heard her complaining ; and, as he stopped and listened, thus he heard her addressing the supposed body of her beloved Squire— Alas, then sayd that lady dere, I have the kept this seven yere, And now ye be in powder small, I may no longer holde you withall. My love, to the earth I shall the bring, And preestes for you to reade...
Page 217 - Matabrunt accused falsly the good quene Beatrice to king Oriant her spouse. WHAN the forsaid children were come to age of puerilete the devoute hermite Helyas made and appropryed to eche of them a cote of leaves of the trees or of suche as he coulde get. And so they were playing within the forest where as thei gathered fruite to eate with theyr bread, for in that pointe...
Page 307 - Wherfore they were gretly abasshed and aferde with the merueylouse noise and tokens that they herde and se in the byrth of the said Robert the Deuyll, in that whan this chylde was borne, the sky waxed as darke as though it had been nyghte, as it is shewed in olde cronycles, that it thondreth and lyghtened so sore, that men thought the firmament had been open, and all the worlde sholde haue perysshed.
Page 67 - ... wel that loth she was to departe fro the place, and that it was by constraynte. And thenne she toke her way toward Lusynen, makyng in th'ayre by her furyousnes suche horryble crye & noyse that it semed al th'ayer to be replete with thundre & tempeste.
Page 202 - Farewell hawkes, and farewell hounde; Farewell markes, and many a pounde; Farewell huntynge at the hare; Farewell harte and hynde for evermare. Nowe wyll i take the mantell and the rynge, 955 And become an ancresse in my lyvynge: And yet i am a mayden for thee, And for all men in Chrystente.
Page 306 - God above all thynge, and dyde grete almesse dedes, and exceded all other ,in ryghtwysnesse and justyce, and moost cheualrouse in dedes of armes and notable actes doynge. -This duke helde open house upon a Crystmasse daye, in a towne whiche was called Naverne, upon the Seyne, to the whiche courte came all the lordes and noble blode of Normandy.

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