Das schleswig'sche Wattenmeer und die friesischen Inseln

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Flemming, 1865 - North Frisian Islands (Denmark and Germany) - 277 pages
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Page 273 - ... mot thiu moder hire kindes erue setta and sella and hire kind lesa and thes liwes helpe. Thiu other ned istet: ief ther erghe ier werthe...
Page 273 - ... hwelic inna sin hof and inna sin hus, and theth wilde diar secht thene hola bam and thera berga hli, alder hit sin lif on behalde; sa...
Page 273 - ... and bitacht. Hirvmbe sa mot thiu moder hire kindes eruue setta and sella, vmbe theth hiu ages pli and plicht, alsa longhe sa hit vnierich is. 21 Theth lest ma inna there sextendesta kest, thet alle Fresa mughen hira firna mitha fia fella, ief hiat292 hebbath, bihaluua fif wendum.
Page 273 - ... ierech se, likath hit him, sä halde hit theth; liket hit him nawet, sä fare hit oppa syn ein erwe, sunder stride and sunder liuda skelde. Huasa thet kind bifiuch ieftha birawat oppa sine eine erwe, sä brect hi ene...
Page 277 - Aan smedden waartj skul hi egh völmuar four jam surgi? Uu , wat ha jam an swakkan Giluuw ! 31. Diaram skel jam egh surgi an sai: Wat skel wi iidj? wat skel wi drank? huarme skel wi Us kluasi?
Page 273 - Huasa thet kind bifiuch ieftha birawat oppa sine eine erwe, sa brect hi ene mere witha liude and thriu pund tha frana; hit ne se, thet thiu moder gheselt ieftha seth hebbe, thruch thera thrira hauuednede huuelic, thet hiu thes 1) liuues mithe behulpe.
Page 97 - Brouther, Wann dö der sillest am a Wral; Wann dö der stonst an sjongest bei din Routher. Ferjeth me ei!
Page 273 - ... barn, and wepth thenna tha sine nakeda lite and sin huuslase, and sinne feder, ther him reda...
Page 275 - Stuhl en sung; Sin Wüf sät prekkelnd bi sin Sid, De Tid wurr jam nig lung...
Page 273 - Huuer sa thet kind is stocnakad, ieftha huslas, and thenna thiu neilthiustera nacht and thi...

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