Why Fish Fart and Other Useless Or Gross Information About the World

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Penguin, Sep 3, 2009 - Humor - 272 pages
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From the author of the New York Times bestseller* Why You Shouldn?t Eat Your Boogers and Other Useless (or Gross) Information About Your Body: the be-all and end-all compendium of odd, quirky, and otherwise nauseating information.

H ere is another thoroughly distasteful yet utterly compelling book from the author of the New York Times (extended list) bestseller Why You Shouldn?t Eat Your Boogers and Other Useless (or Gross) Information About Your Body. In Why Fish Fart and Other Useless (or Gross) Information About the World, Francesca Gould sifts through the world?s most unpleasant creatures, diseases, physical deformities, culinary delicacies, ritual practices, and hideous torture tactics to uncover every horrifying and stomach-turning fact under the sun. This book is full of questions you never thought to ask?and perhaps will wish you?d never had answered?including:

?What exactly is maggot cheese?
?How did anal hair help to lead to the conviction of the Great
?Train Robbers?
?What is the job of a ?fart catcher??
How exactly do ?crabs? cause such intense itching around one?s private parts?
?The real story behind why the toilet is often referred to as ?the john.?
?Why you might want to steer clear of some coffees. (Hint: If poo isn?t exactly your idea of appetizing . . .)

Why Fish Fart and Other Useless (or Gross) Information About the World is sure to delight any and all hard-core fans of the obscure, esoteric, and?last but not least?grotesque.

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Why Fish Fart
They don't. I have watched, helplessly, as overfed fish bloated up like a pufferfish and died a slow, probably painful death. I compared it to watching one of our goats bloat up in
seconds, hours after getting into the grain bin illicitly, scream in agonizing pain, and fall over dead! I've endured my own episodes of gas and felt like I was dying, so I am empathetic to ANY creature that cannot expends the waste gases that can be excruciating and debilitating. 

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Love them all
Good books


how do you make birds nest soup?
who eats tarantula omelettes?
what is dancingeating?
which dish properly prepared should contain just enough poison to numb your lips?
which is the worlds tastiest insect?
why did nelsons navy eat their biscuits in the dark?
what is the king of fruit?
how do you make a fly burger?
after the execution of king charles I why did people dab their hankies into his blood?
why did many gladiators commit suicide?
what is a plate woman?
what is urine therapy massage?
in which society do the men claim never to fart?
why did turkish wet nurses used to suckle puppies?
what people tickled their throats to induce vomiting?
how clean is your toothbrush?

what is a cod worm?
what goes into a sausage?
which cocktail contains a human toe?
do flies really puke on your food?
what is maggot cheese?
what are onehundredyearold eggs?
why does the horned lizard squirt blood from its eyes?
which worm may crawl out of your nose?
which fish uses slime to kill its enemies?
what is the hagfishs even uglier cousin?
which animal is the best actor?
which wasp lays its eggs inside a caterpillar?
is it true that a cockroach farts every fifteen minutes?
what caused members of parliament to flee the houses of parliament in 1858?
which animal removes its own stomach to feed?
which frog gives birth through its mouth?
why do herring fart?
who was mike the chicken?
which animal licked leaking fluid from henry viiis rotting corpse?
what is a sea cucumber and why does it eat feces?
why do dogs eat poo?
which centipede preys on bats in midflight?
which spider carries its babies on its back?
did little miss muffet really eat mashedup spiders?
which insect emerges from the ground in the billions every seventeen years?
what is monkeyface lamb disease?
what is the schmidt sting pain index?
which wasp lays her eggs inside a cockroach?
which worm can eat its way through the human eye?
what are the worlds scariest creatures?
what did queen victoria see floating in the river cam?
how did napoléons hemorrhoids affect the outcome at the battle of waterloo?
why would a man volunteer to be castrated?
what underwear blocks the smell of farts?
what is a love bug?
what was the great house of easement?
who was the fart maniac?
what were waterloo teeth?
have people ever been allowed to expose their private parts in public?
did hitler really suffer from flatulence?
which disease caused its victims organs to liquefy?
where can you find the mound of ears?
what was the unpleasant job of a decrotteur?
in which society do men tie their penises into knots?
how does disneys snow white differ from the original gruesome tale?
who carried around sir walter raleighs head for nearly thirty years?
for what unusual purpose did hippocrates recommend the use of pigeon droppings?
who has the worlds longest ear hair?
why did howard hughes store urine in jars?
could cat ear mites live inside a human ear?
why did the chinese bind the feet of young girls?
what causes the stench of bo?
how often did people wash in the 1600s?
where else are we likely to encounter germs?
how hygienic are we?
what was a dredgerman?
are violin strings really made of catgut?
what is phossy jaw?
why did the wari tribe of the amazon eat the bodies of their dead relatives?
how many insect parts do we unintentionally eat?
why have indian women been known to throw themselves onto funeral pyres?
which wellknown drug is made from horses urine?
has anyone carried out a head transplant?
which king was said to have had a redhot poker thrust into his anus?
what is the medicinal use of hangmans rope?
who did henry VIII order to be boiled alive?
which gruesome documentary featured a young woman drilling into her own brain?
what was found in genghis khans hand when he was born?
who was typhoid mary?
why did aztec priests rip out the stillbeating hearts of their victims?
which infection causes bleeding from the eyes?
why might the mention of a goats tongue have struck fear into the hearts of medieval prisoners?
what does it mean to be hanged drawn and quartered?
why was mary tudor nicknamed bloody mary?
which sultan hacked off the heads of men with fat necks?
how long does a head remain conscious after being guillotined?
what is the worst sound in the world?
is it possible to catch gonorrhea from an inf latable doll?
who drinks fresh cows blood?
who gives massages to dead people?
what happens to the body after death?
why did undertakers prick holes into corpses?
what was a waiting mortuary?
what is a safety coffin?
who was the woman who died three times?
why would doctors in the 1700s and 1800s pour warm urine into the mouths of corpses?
what is the story of sleeping beauty really about?
what was the gruesome fate of oliver cromwells head?
can medicine be derived from corpses?
why did evitas corpse spend time in a wooden crate?
is it possible to turn dead bodies into diamonds?
what gruesome event occurred while making an episode of the six million dollar man?
how did a nosebleed kill the scourge of god?
why was lenin embalmed?
where can you find a bone chapel?
what is promession?
which hollywood star was kidnapped after his death?
how much coffee would it take to kill a man?
why do insects fall prey to pitcher plants?
what happened when william the conquerors corpse was placed into his tomb?

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Francesca Gould is an anatomy and physiology teacher as well as a writer. She lives in the United Kingdom. 

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