Cornelius Nepos: with answered questions, and imitative exercises, Part 1

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Thomas Kerchever Arnold, Ebenezer Alfred Johnson
D. Appleton & Company, 1846 - Classical biography - 213 pages
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Page 222 - Exclusive of the large numbers of proper names which are appended, this Dictionary includes four especial improvements — and when their essential value to the student is considered, the sterling character of the work as a hand-book of our Ian guage instantly will be perceived.
Page 222 - A DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE; containing the Pronunciation, Etymology, and Explanation of all Words authorized by eminent writers ; to which are added a Vocabulary of the Roots of English Words, and an accented list of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names. By Alexander Reid, AM, Rector of the Circus School, Edinburgh. With a Critical Preface by Henry Reed, Professor of English Literature in the University of Pennsylvania. One vol.
Page 218 - A Dictionary of the English Language, containing the Pronunciation, Etymology, and Explanation of all Words authorized by Eminent Writers. By ALEXANDER REID, LL.D., late Head Master of the Edinburgh Institution.
Page 223 - EVERY WORD, according to the French Academy and the most eminent Lexicographers and Grammarians ; together with 750 Critical Remarks, in which the various methods of pronouncing employed by different authors are investigated and compared with each other. The SECOND PART containing a copious Vocabulary of English words and expressions, with the Pronunciation according to Walker.
Page 228 - FREDERICK KOHLRAUSCH, Chief of the. Board of Education for the Kingdom of Hanover^ and late Professor of History in the Polytechnic School. Translated from the last German edition, By JAMES D. HAAS. One elegant 8vo.
Page 118 - Ex hoc esse hunc numero, quem patres nostri viderunt, divinum hominem Africanum ; ex hoc C. Laelium, L. Furium, 10 moderatissimos homines et continentissimos ; ex hoc fortissimum virum et illis temporibus doctissimum, M.
Page 227 - Italy; then by giving an excellent picture of the present state of Rome and the surrounding country, full of grand ruins, he excites in the reader the desire to investigate the ancient history of this wonderful land. He...
Page 218 - A NEW METHOD OF LEARNING TO READ, WRITE, AND SPEAK THE FRENCH LANGUAGE ; or, First Lessons in French (Introductory to Ollendorff's Larger Grammar).
Page 218 - I. The primitive word is given, and then follow the immediate derivatives in alphabetical order, with the part of speech appended.
Page 224 - OLLENDORFF'S NEW METHOD OF LEARNING TO READ, WRITE, AND SPEAK THE GERMAN LANGUAGE. Reprinted from the Frankfort edition, to which is added a Systematic Outline of the different Parts of Speech, their Inflection and Use, with full Paradigms, and a . complete List of the L-regular Verbs.

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