The Human Manifesto: A General Plan for Human Survival

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Hillcrest Publishing Group, 2009 - Philosophy - 261 pages
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The Human Manifesto is the ultimate self-help book! In it, you will learn why you and your fellow man do the things you do -- that cultures offer hero systems enabling their members to construct life immortality elusions, or LIES, that allow them to confront and repress the stark reality of death. You will also learn how a culture can be established that motivates human beings to act in ways that improve the quality of life for their fellow man, enhance the prospect of eternal survival or the human species, and reach a better if not complete comprehension of the true nature of God and the Cosmos. Based on the writings of Ernest Becker, especially his 1974 Pulitzer Prize winning The Denial of Death, The Human Manifesto promotes the establishment of a revolutionary cultural system, the Genuine Hero System, that can both satisfy the personal psychological need to repress the stark reality of death while also resulting in a peaceful, enlightened and advanced society. The Human Manifesto argues that unless such a system is adopted, the human species will continue to be motivated to destructive or trivial behavior that falls far short in enabling individuals to attain genuine happiness and fulfillment. Indeed, unless the radical changes it espouses are realized, the species will fail to reach its highest spiritual, intellectual and technological potential. Humanity will never reach the stars and worse, as Becker feared, will be doomed to extinction.

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