history of cass county

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Page 77 - ... milk, &c. The establishment is intended to be opened for children from seven to fourteen years old ; they very properly receive them at a much earlier age, and even — where a great desire of learning was manifested — older persons have been admitted. All appear to be very happy, and to make as rapid progress as white children of the same age would make. Their principal excellence rests in works of imitation ; they write astonishingly well, and many display great natural talent for drawing....
Page 121 - Department commutation of rations at the rate of one dollar and fifty cents per day for the necessary number of days
Page 12 - Bois," or rangers of the woods, were either French or half-breeds, a hardy race, accustomed to labor and deprivation, and conversant with the character and habits of the Indians, from whom they procured their cargoes of furs. They were equally skilled in propelling a canoe, fishing, hunting, trapping, or sending a ball from their rifles " to flie right eye
Page 40 - American, and that, if they again did it, the United States government would set a strong foot upon their necks, and crush them to the earth.
Page 8 - French called a grand meeting of the Iroquois, or Five Nations, at Montreal. The chiefs of the different tribes from the St. Lawrence to the Mississippi attended this meeting ; also the principal men and the GovernorGeneral of Canada. Here the establishment of a post at that place was discussed, and the grounds on which the two nations based their claims to it weighed. The Iroquois, however, said that, understanding the French were about to make a...
Page 83 - There have been added to the buildings, since my last visit, a house and a most excellent grist mill worked by horses. The usefulness of this mill can scarcely be appreciated, as there is no other of any kind within one hundred miles, at least, of the establishment ; and here, as benevolence is the predominating principle, all the surrounding population is benefited.
Page 74 - I got some corn, some flour ; I give you half. Suppose you die, I die, too.
Page 76 - Baptist Missionary Society in Washington, and is under the superintendence of the Rev. Mr. McCoy, a man whom, from all the reports we heard of him, we should consider as eminently qualified for the important trust committed to him. We regretted that, at the time we passed at the Carey mission house, this gentleman was absent on business connected with the establishment of another missionary settlement on the Grand river of Michigan; but we saw his wife, who received us in a very hospitable manner,...
Page 77 - The plan adopted in the school proposes to unite a practical with an intellectual education. The boys are instructed in the English language, in reading, writing, and arithmetic. They are made to attend to the usual occupations of a farm, and to perform every occupation connected with it — such as ploughing, planting, harrowing, &c.
Page 75 - There is in this neighbourhood an establishment which, by the philanthopic views that have led to its establishment and by the boundless charity with which it is administered, compensates in a manner for the insult offered to the laws of God and man by the traders. The reports which we had received of the flattering success which had attended the efforts of the Baptist missionaries on the St Joseph, induced us to deviate a little from our route to visit their interesting establishment The Carey missionhouse,...

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