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Little, Brown, 1860 - New England
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Page vii - God sifted a whole nation, that He might send choice grain into the wilderness.
Page vii - ... early history of John Harvard; but although Mr. Everett, then our minister to the court of St. James, rendered every assistance in his power, no trace of Harvard could be found, except his signature on taking his degrees at the University of Cambridge. Mr. Savage tells us that he would gladly have given five hundred dollars to get five lines about him in any capacity, public or private.
Page vi - Even if our views be restricted to the lineal origin of those people here, when the long protracted impolicy of Great Britain drove our fathers into open hostility, and forced them to become a nation in 1776, in that century and a half from its colonization, a purer Anglo-Saxon race would be seen on this side of the ocean than on the other...
Page 159 - Lord cut him off, that other sons of Belial, of his persecuting spirit, might be warned not to put the evil day far from them.
Page vii - ... of the people of the New England colonies in 1775 were descendants of those here in 1692, and that probably seven-eighths of them were offspring of the first settlers, and originating from England proper. He adds: "A more homogeneous stock cannot be seen, I think, in any so extensive region, at any time since that when the Ark of Noah discharged its passengers on Mount Ararat, except in the few centuries elapsing before the confusion of Babel.
Page v - I suppose that nineteen twentieths of the people of these New England colonies in 1775 were descendants of those found here in 1692.
Page vii - By an instinct of our nature, we all love to learn the places of our birth, and the chief circumstances in the lives of our progenitors.
Page 461 - Or why so long (in life if long can be) Lent Heaven a parent to the poor and me ? What makes all physical or moral ill?
Page vi - Prom long and careful research, I have judged the proportion of the whole number living here in 1775, that deduce their origin from the Kingdom of England, ie the Southern part of Great Britain, excluding also the principality of Wales, to exceed ninety-eight in a hundred.
Page xi - ... indebtedness ; nor could I specify the ratio of benefit derived in my pages from the benevolence of the living Babson, Boltwood, Brayton, Budington, Clapp, Day, Edwards, Felt, Field, Herrick, Hoadley, Jackson, Judd, Kelley, King, Kellogg, Lincoln, Locke, Otis, Paige, Patterson, Riker, Sargent, Sewell, Shurtleff, RD Smith of Guilford, Staples, Vinton, Wentworth, Whitmore, Willard, Wyman and twice as many more. Not one of the living or dead could complain of my declaration, that from the distinguished...